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This Family Time lesson is one of my very favorites!  All the printables and downloads to help you as an individual and family’s recognize and develop your own very unique talents. And if you don’t think you have anything special….oh you just wait until you have participated in this creative and engaging lesson.  You will be wonderfully surprised at how gifted and important you really are!   

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Encouraging In Parenting

Asking and Answering to High School DancesDatingEncouraging in ParentingLost Art of Relationships
January 18, 2020

How To Make Going To A High School Dance Painless and Printables

Help with knowing what to do for a High School Dance Be sure to JOIN…

Encouraging In Grandparenting

Dry Beans and small toy vehicles or construction toys for kids to play with instead of sand for use indoorsEncouraging in Grand ParentingFamily LifeLost art of PlayLost Art of RelationshipsLost Art Series
May 1, 2019

Playtime with Dry Beans and Small Toy Vehicles

Great indoor playtime activity for boredom buster, imaginative play and just plain fun! Beans &…

Featured Posts

Featured Posts
January 18, 2020

Which TOOTH BRUSH Team Are You On?

You can win your own Smile Brilliant toothbrush package! When it comes to brushing your…
Bird FeedersCrafts and DIYFeatured PostsLost art of Play
January 18, 2020

DIY Winter Bird Feeder

Lost Art of Being Kind - Feed the Birds Homemade Winter Bird Feeder Where I…

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