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Kimber & Derek

Attack of the Pumpkins aka Derek Strikes

This is a picture of Derek and his daughter. You can see the mischief in his eyes…He can find anything pretty much you hide from him and smell chocolate no matter how you seal it up in:)  He’s a character and a true joy. This is one of our many stories of him. I have kids that are extremely full of life, fun, tease a lot and love a good practical joke. There is one though (uuhhmm…Derek) who is exceptionally practiced at the craft; I will tell you more about that another time, but for today it is, dum dum dum  —- the. . .


Pumpkin Attack
Halloween time of 2012 we arrived home very late at night, very tired, wanting only to go to bed. However, as we pulled onto our street, and the headlights shone into the dark driveway, we could see that the entire length of the car garage was lined with pumpkins. What?!? For tired, worn out bodies we couldn’t decide if we wanted to strangle whomever did this, or laugh. We laughed while getting out of the car and moving all, ALL, of these pumpkins so we could pull the car in….geez, who does that?!? Suspicions were high, but no retaliation was planned. . . Yet.

Then Halloween (2013) we came home to pumpkins EVERYWHERE. Halloween PrankNow I’m talking everywhere. IMG_3588Seriously, they were in the pantry, all the way up the stairs and landing, in the microwave, the dryer,
IMG_3581the bathrooms – IMG_3584
even HIDING in the bathrooms!IMG_3585Stan was quite creative with what to do with all those pumpkins. I still think we should have insisted the little trick or treat-ors take a pumpkin with our treat, lol
Thank you Mr. Farmer who was giving away free pumpkins…..HAPPY HALLOWEEN from A Mother’s Shadow!
You can read about our revenge…hahahahaha….HERE

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