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Pioneer Handcart

Pioneer Handcart

Did you cross the plains? NO. Did you  sail the ocean in a ship powered only with sails and only a trunk filled with your possessions? Probably not. So how could YOU or I be a pioneer? Let me explain. 
Where I live, this week celebrates those who oftentimes left behind material possessions, family and friends for a purpose higher than themselves.
As I pondered their courage, it occurred to me though we may not have to push a handcart or drive a team of oxen, or forge new paths in a wilderness; yet we too must make extremely difficult choices and selfless sacrifices to have valued principles in our own life, which brought me to the realization that……

YOU ARE a Pioneer!
Usually we think of a pioneer as someone who settled a new land, moved to unpopulated territory, walked across untamed plains or crossed treacherous mountains.
When the word pioneer is considered, it refers to someone who left the comfort and routine in their life, for a promise and hope of something better.
Terms in the dictionary that made me realize why we ARE pioneers.

  1. To develop or be the first to apply a new method or an area of knowledge.
  2. To be a pathfinder, initiator, a trailblazer.
  3. One who goes before, showing others the way to follow.

Application  of the work pioneer in our life:

  • If a tradition or attitude in your family has been perpetuated, of any kind, that is detrimental, whether physically, emotionally or spiritual, and you purposefully and with clear intent break the cycle – you ARE a pioneer.
  • If abuse, of a physical or emotional nature is the ‘norm’, and you bring it to a stop – you ARE a pioneer.
  • If sarcasm, put-downs, bullying, intimidation or self-pity are the norm of communication and way to get attention; yet, you are determined to exchange coercive methods for healthy relationships with others – you ARE a pioneer.

I truly honor those who pioneered long ago to make a better life for those that followed, namely us, as their life was grueling and oftentimes harsh.
Log Cabin

However, I consider that our life today is every bit as difficult and demanding, even possibly more in some respects than times long ago.
Those who were past-times pioneers, usually fought the same problems: such as weather, enemies, persecution, etc. While today’s pioneers (you and me) are oftentimes fighting our own battles, imperfections and weaknesses seemingly alone.
It is the plan that we have our own conflicts. temptations and trials, which may not be known or understood easily,  yet, we are never, ever alone. We have each other and principally God to turn to.
I believe, with all my heart, that each and every one of us have been purposefully set in our family, this time in the world’s history, and the setting we are in; as all these components are critical  factors, for our own sake to grow AND be a pioneer.
It is our duty and obligation to be praiseworthy and pioneer to change wrongs, to persevere in righteous ways, and to be a trailblazer carving a path that is worthy to follow.
By learning correct principles, practicing moral choices and becoming a trusted shadow for others to follow.

  • Because these elements are among the most important purposes we have to accomplish while on this earth. 
  • We CAN break new ground by going forward with courage and optimism, one step at a time; all the while beckoning others to come along with us in our remarkable journey of life.

You and I ARE pioneers!

Did you ever wonder what children and adults did for entertainment back in the 1800’s?

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Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2013
Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.


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