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Gift Wrapping Ideas

Wrapping with Flair

My daughter-in-law Ashley wraps gifts so nicely that you don’t want to open them! She is very kind to give us a few tips and tricks to make your wrapping easy, and the recipients will think you had it professionally wrapped! Ashley uses inexpensive ribbons and embellishments to make any present a gift that is very special and unique.

Ashley’s tips to wrap a beautiful present: Notice that she wraps gifts individually, and does not stack them all up and try to wrap them in a bundle of odd shaped objects. Fold paper over gift to measure amount needed, then cut.Wrap It Beautiful 1

Wrap It Beautiful 2Fold the edge of the paper over about 1/2 inch and tape. Fold the other edge over 1/2 inch and tape to have a nice edge. Wrap It Beautiful 3
Wrap It Beautiful 4Fold edges inside to form a ‘v’. Repeat on the other side to form a ‘v’ there also. Wrap It Beautiful 5
Wrap It Beautiful 6

For any size package follow the same technique and on the edges of a more narrow package, press one side down and crease edge with finger. Wrap It Beautiful 7Fold other edge under 1/4-1/2 inch and fold on top of other side, pressing with fingers and tape.Wrap It Beautiful 8Trim as needed to ease any bulk that would result from fold.Wrap It Beautiful 9Fold one side to the inside, then the other side and tuck in both sides. Secure with tape.Wrap It Beautiful 10

Using a glue gun attach packages a top each other. Wrap It Beautiful 11

Tie with ribbons, string, bows and any decorations you desire – and use the glue gun to help keep things in place, as shown below. Wrap It Beautiful 12
Wrap It Beautiful 13

                 Wrap It Beautiful 14For gift bags: Begin by wrapping the item in tissue and place in gift bag Wrap It Beautiful 15
Wrap It Beautiful 16To decorate the bag, attach ribbon by putting a spot of glue, then place on the ribbon. As you wrap it around the sack, using care to crease at the corners for a neat package. Wrap It Beautiful 17
Wrap It Beautiful 18Cut and glue at the ends, with ribbon overlapping. Glue at the fold to hold the ribbon  at the sides,so it doesn’t flop and look sloppy. Attach embellishments, such as a bow. Wrap It Beautiful 19

Place the gift in the decorated bag. To make the gift bag look extra special, begin by holding the tissue upside down, Gently forming a cone shape. Tuck the tissue cone into the gift bag on top of the gift; placing tissue cones next to each other to fill bag. Wrap It Beautiful 21

Wrap It Beautiful 22Arrange tissue and don’t forget to include the tag. Wrap It Beautiful 23


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