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Grandpa 1

Grandpa’s saying was: be a help, not a hindrance.

When he almost burned down the chicken coop, he must have forgotten that phrase!


Why You Should Write Down Family Stories




This is my Grandpa Orson (Bob) with his pet chickens. He decided to try his hand at lighting a match…..

 What family stories do you have to share with your children (young or grown), grandchildren, or even great-grand kids?


Next to life itself, family is the most blessed gift given to us as human beings. Learning more about our extended family and those who went before us brings new perspective, understanding and appreciation.


In my own family I admire so many; their talents, gifts and example have greatly impacted my life. And there are some funny (a few generations later, ha ha) stories too. I’ll share an example from my family:

My kids thoroughly enjoy this story of their great grandpa, Orson because they can see him as a boy and get to know his personality a bit more.

Orson’s father wanted to instill a strong work ethic in his children, so he and his son Orson Jr. raised chickens to have eggs to sell. Young Orson would check the eggs to make sure they were good, feed the chickens, clean the coop and other chores.Grandpa 2Unfortunately, Orson decided to play with matches ones day and burned down part of the coop!Grandpa 3

It is amazing we have these pictures in our family.

Scrapbook 4

This story I heard about my grandfather, greatly influenced me, and I hope it impacts my children’s behavior also. When my grandpa was a boy scout, the troop decided they would work together to help each other earn a complete uniform until every young man had one. They cleaned, repaired and worked at the fairgrounds, as well as other jobs; along with their own chores, school and work. When enough money was gathered to purchase one full uniform, it was bought for a boy, and ALL continued to participate until ALL had a full uniform. I have always been impressed that not one dropped out or gave up when they either received their uniform, or was way down the list to get one. What teaching stories are there in your family that could impress values and morals for your children or grand children to lean on and emulate?

There is a FREE site to learn more about YOUR family.

You can find cousins, pictures of ancestors, family stories, trace your linage and even make easy charts to find and see how your family fits together. Click HERE ( and spend some time yourself, or as a family, having fun looking around and seeing who is there that you are related to.

Family members have a greater sense of belonging and purpose when they know a bit about their family history. So, set aside some time to do create special memories and SHARE your stories, as well as talking to grandparents, aunts, uncles – your family!

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Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

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