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Washi Tape Decorated Cards

Washi Tape Decorated Cards

Using Washi tape you find in the craft store, you can quickly and economically personalize note cards for any occasion!      Washi Tape is very economical, and a little goes a llooonnnggg way.

Washi Tape Decorated Cards


Washi Tape Card and Envelope Set

Flowers or Embellishments

Glue Dots to adhere embellishments to cardCard Set 2Directions: Simply apply the tape in any fashion you desire to decorate the cardsCard Set 3When finished with your design, trim the tape close to the cardCard Set 4

Adhere the flowers or embellishments to the cards, using the glue dotsCard Set 5Now you have a fabulous gift set OR cards to use yourself!Card Set 6Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

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