Lost Art of Family History
and Genealogy

Encouraging and providing ways for you to connect with those living now as well as your ancestors. It helps us understand our self, our past and motivate us to improve our future and leave a worthy legacy for others to follow.
This series also includes how things were done in the past with posts showing how life was lived in days gone by.

Lost Art of Holidays and Traditions

Everything from themed parties, foods, to crafts-decorations and much more to make your events and gatherings special with favorite memories. Traditions build bonds and relationships so they can grow stronger. All year long there are reasons to have fun, be together and enjoy life to its fullest!

Lost Art of Homemaking

So many significant and critical skills are not being passed down, or haven’t been learned, yet are so essential. These include: 101 sewing and sewing projects, all types of crafts, homemade gifts, cleaning tips and tricks, homemade remedies, dutch-oven cooking, homemade cards, how to repurpose and upcycling, homemade jewelry, baby items and so much more.

Lost Art of Relationships

Relationships with others are the most important thing in your life. Really! It’s critical to your well-being, your health, your source of joy, your way to impact others for good, a support system and actually the only thing that really matters in the end are our relationships!

Lost Art of Play

New and as well as tried & true old fashioned games for all ages; some for groups and a few for just one. This also includes plenty of indoor and outside crafts, tips and DIY creative ideas.
For children play is important in developing imagination, learning developmental abilities, as well as countless other talents. For adults it’s a great stress reliever, connect us to others (get us back to our family and friends!), and as George Bernard Shaw so aptly put it: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”

Lost Art of Self Reliance

Self-reliance is a very important topic and critical to actually put into action. Through this series we can learn together, taking it a step at a time, to prepare for many types of circumstances and needs that might arise. Having extra food on hand is key and it’s easy; we will show you how.

Lost Art of Womanhood

Each woman has a significant individual and unique identity. We are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Every woman contributes to the integral threads that make up families, communities and society. You will find posts here on a variety of topics to help you with stress, domestic abuse, self-care and other topics.

Lost Art of Single Adulthood

Being single these days can be so hard! The challenges are multiple. Who to date, how to date, when to date, where to work, there are so many issues and choices you have to make for your future. Being independent and self-reliant is worth all the effort it takes. It pays off in respect and accomplishment that brings freedom!

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