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The Envy Monster

Green monster

Ok, so do you ever hear good news that happened for someone else and instead of thinking:

‘That’s so AWESOME for them’ think, ‘Geez I wish that would happen for me’.

Do you know what that is? It’s the Envy Monster rearing its ugly, nasty, dreadful, terrible head…




Why, oh why do we do that!?!

We want, want, want.

We might not be lying on the floor and kicking our feet like a little kid anymore, but inside that’s exactly what we are doing.

We want , want, want – see what I mean. 

The bar rises higher.

Nothing is ever enough.

Regrettably, it’s natural, it just comes with being human; however, it can and should be overcome.  

Why is envy a bad thing anyway? Because it isformed from destructive emotions such as resentment and inadequacy. Nothing is ever gained from envy; however, a great deal can be lost.

It set’s us up for failure on numerous levels.

Let’s list a few:



The ultimate tragedy stemming from envy is the effect it has on our relationship with God.


I believe one of the greatest sins we can commit by commission (on purpose) and omission (accidentally/oversight) is ingratitude.

Gratitude is the antithesis to envy. 



The greatest blessing from battling the ENVY MONSTER, and WINNING, is that we have room in our life for God to work His marvelous plan.

His design, which is far more than we can ever do on our own, is filled with satisfaction, contentment, helping others along the way and pure joy

I believe this is the goal most all of us have, you and me.

To LEARN this principle, to PRACTICE it consciously, and to BECOME a much better person.

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