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Family Time Lesson

Be Determined in Good Things

Family Time Lessons give your family the opportunity to spend together learning correct principles, God’s commandments, ways to strengthen family relationships, a vehicle for open communication and tools to teach key values and morals.


This lesson is about the importance of learning to be determined to do good things. Understanding what good things are, and that it’s not always easy to accomplish good and important things in our life. 


1. Download the family chart which is editable/fill-in so you can keep track of which family member has participated how and when.  The charts are in the libary in the category Family Time.  There are 2 styles for you to choose from. 

The purpose of the Family Time Chart is to give each person a responsibility so each feels a purpose and reason to be involved in the lesson. As they rotate through the tasks, they may also discover new talents and develop their abilities.

2. Read through the lesson ahead of time, as well as provide support to all participating so they can be prepared. It may be helpful to young children or those needing extra guidance, to be ready with their part of the Family Time-Family Home Evening Lesson so everyone can successful.

3. Print off any pictures, coloring pages, and other resources needed during the lesson.

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Be Determined In Good Things

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Be Determined In Good Things

Adapt this lesson in accordance to your family’s needs, so each individual is able to grasp the importance of accomplishing good and worthwhile tasks we feel we need to do. 

Opening Prayer:

  1. There are many ways to pray, the essential element is prayers are offered.  If you have any questions, or want to know more about prayer, this link will help you. Also here is this video

Ask This Question:

Have you ever wanted to do something that was good, but really hard so maybe you wondered if you could do it, or should?


King James VersionEcclesiastes 3:12
For a man to rejoice, and to do good in his life.
Questions to ask after reading the scripture below

1- When we do hard things does that make us happy?

2- Why is it important that we do GOOD things with our energy and time?

3- How do we know if the thing we want to do is GOOD?

4 – Why should we be looking for GOOD projects to be involved in?


*Note: In the USA the game they are referring to in this story is soccer.  Everywhere else in the world I believe they call it football.

Show the picture of the Thai boys and the floating field from the library

This lesson begins with the story of the Thai boys who wanted to do something good, but it was incredibly difficult and had not been done before.  The had to decide how determined they were to accomplish something good.

Watch this video


The boys in this real story wanted to play soccer/football but they didn’t have anywhere to play on their little island.  

After talking about it, they were going to give up, because others said it was too hard. But they knew it would be good for their bodies to be able to run, practice and have fun together also.

To make a floating pitch or field!

It was very difficult to make the floating field, and they didn’t have a lot of help, just each other. 

After the floating field was finished the notice came about a championship they could go to.  

Do you think they were frightened or worried they would be good enough?

Why did they decide to go? 

Would you go?

What is the difference in what these boys did by making their own field to play on and feeling entitled, or waiting, or even insisting, that someone, or an agency take care of their problem? 

They could have written letters to their officials requesting a place to play, and it would have been justified.  But instead they took it upon themselves to solve the problem. 

How do you think that has effected the rest of their life?

Playing on a less than perfect soccer/football field was a challenge, but were they complaining?

At the championship, wasn’t it interesting that what made their floating practice field so difficult to play on, turned out to be what helped them play so well? 

How have your trials helped you be a better person?

Games & Fun

To reinforce this lesson in a fun way, in the library you will find these all centered on the lesson BE DETERMINED TO DO GOOD

  • Easier Word Search with the solution
  • More difficult Word Search with the solution
  • A fun coloring page

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Make a list of 2-3 things you are determined to do that are good.

Pick one.

How are you going to accomplish that one thing? 

Look at the example of the Thai kids and remember your family and good friends can be your team to help you reach your goal!  

Work on this goal for the next two weeks and you’ll be amazed at what you can do and accomplish for good!

Closing Prayer:

Person Assigned

Treat Dessert:

If you are able, it would be fun to go to a Thai Restaurant for dinner or dessert.  You can also find many unique and specialized foods from Thailand in an Asian Market.  This recipe for Thai Mango and Sticky Rice Dessert is a family favorite at our house.


A most popular dessert in Thailand and every Thai menu across the world:)

Delicious creamy coconut cream or milk mixture and sweet sticky rice combined with fruit to brighten and make the dish complete.  

And to make it even better…I’ll show you how to make the sweet sticky rice in the rice cooker! 

You can find the recipe HERE

Thai sticky rice with sweetened coconut cream and mangos or peaches

A steadfast kite string allows a person to soar to the greatest heights, with more freedom and deeper joy.

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