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Teen Group Date and Party Ideas


Teen Activities & Group Games

This is a FUN post for me today! With 5 kids and also being involved with many youth groups, Stan and I have had plenty of practice in this area.
It’s time for ideas for activities and games for group dates!

A few items of business:

An itinerary is a parent(s) and the date’s best friend.

What is an itinerary?

  For a meal to be served as part of the activity or date, it is so polite to ask the members of the group coming if they have any allergies. We had pizza for the meal, thinking it was safe, and it turned out one of the guys in the group was allergic to cheese! I ran home and made him a sandwich. I felt badly because the young man felt very awkward and embarrassed about the situation. 
Ok, now on with the GAMES!!!
Lawn Twister –

Hike & Picnic –

 Water Balloon Battle Ship –

Great fun for a hot summer day.
Service Project –

Sounds or Movie Scavenger Hunt: Use phones or video cameras –

The RULES included:

         Sample of a few ideas for the list:

You get the idea, just have fun with it 

Dinner on a Dime –

 Scavenger Hunt – Make a list (keeping it secret from your teen so they can have fun too) of things to bring back such as:

Game Time – Have several games set out, such as:

  1. Divide the group up and assign tables for each to start
  2. Set the timer for about 7-8 minutes and say ‘Go’.
  3. The group plays until the timer rings, then has to rotate to another table
  4. Every time the buzzer rings they must change games and pick up where the other people leave off.

This activity makes for fun and conversation as they plop into a chair and realize they picked up the loser’s hand!
Benefits of Group Dates & Activities:

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