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Teaching the Value of Money, Part 1

The Value of Money

Free Money

How long do you plan to support your able bodied child(ren)?

Teaching the value of Money   Part ONE

In today’s society and our culture it seems to be acceptable, actually almost a standard now, that kids are simply given desires and wants without any obligation on their part = basically entitlement.
To preface my musing, I would like to make sure you know that I am not addressing needs. A need encompasses essentials and necessities, things that sustain life, nourish body and spirit.
For example a child has the right to:

Now for entitlements. Does a parent(s) owe their child(ren):

Let’s weigh this out. If a child never truly has to work for, and realize the value of money, will the child truly be able to reach their full potential as a happy, productive, industrious human being that will be a benefit to you, your family and to society in general?
Much too often, money, objects and favors are merely handed over at the asking/whining/pleading child of any age.
The long term consequence for this behavior can be devastating and incredibly detrimental.
Because the child often never learns to sacrifice for themselves or others. This is critical. How can a person hold together a joyful marriage if they do not know how to sacrifice. Marriage is a series of comprises, negotiation, agreeing and doing what is best for the other partner and their marriage in the long run; and not giving in to whims or selfish desires of the moment.
Entitlement is a huge millstone around the neck of our society today. Too many children and adults have been pandered to for countless reasons.

Giving in to the entitlement mindset causes one to surrender one’s freedom. There really is ‘no-free-lunch’ so to speak. There always has been and always will be a cost to all blessings and privileges. Consider how many have given their life’s blood so we can enjoy the liberties we do today; to express ourselves as we wish, to worship according to the dictates of our own conscience, to go to school and learn as much as we choose, the list goes on and on.

Giving in to an entitlement mentality indeed shackles one with invisible chains, which bind with the links of dependency.
Instead of being able to walk about and act as a free person, we are now captive to the holder of our chain – the one who provided, while proclaiming there would be no cost.
If a parent gives all to a child, without any expectation of payment or compensation, he or she is actually setting the child up to be a prisoner of his parent/s. And later, possibly a slave to the government or worse. This may be a harsh observation, but it is proven true time and again.

  1. How can a child who is never taught to work ever be expected to appreciate the value of money?
  2. Working to pay ones own way, has always been and will always be, the liberating key to solid moral character and ultimate independence.
  3. Parents who teach and expect kids to work at an early age can avoid the pitfalls of able bodied dependent adult children.
  4. When people understand how to stand on their own, it is truly a beautiful thing. Furthermore avoiding heartache and financial strain that accompanies long term child dependency.

The next few weeks teaching children the value of money will be the topic of Monday Musings, such as:

Insisting our family members learn to provide for themselves, is not the comfortable way, but the right way.
Together we can learn, support and achieve genuine happiness in our family, as well as our posterity, now and those still to come.
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