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November 3, 2014
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November 7, 2014
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Tasty Foods with Jalepeno & Bell Pepper Jelly

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As I promised, here are ways to use my homemade Jalapeno & Bell Pepper Jelly.  I created TWO originals just for YOU to go along with TWO traditional ways also. 


Far left:  I created a delish basil mayo to accompany the amazing Jalapeno Jelly that takes this Panini over the top!  Click HERE for the recipe.

To the right:  Pre-made jalapeno poppers and meatballs make a quick snack made special with the Jalapeno Jelly. Recipe HERE


Far left:  I wanted to make something fabulous for you to have to impress your guests, and I love these Petite Puff Pastry Shells that I filled with a wonderful flavored  soft cheese, caramelized onions then topped with the Jalapeno Jelly.  It really is a show stopper of flavor. See it HERE.

To the right:  The traditional way to serve Jalapeno and Bell Pepper Jelly; over a block of cream cheese with crackers.  YUMMY!  Find it HERE.

Carrie’s recipe, Copyright Carrie Groneman, 2014

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  1. Diane Roark says:


    All of these recipes look delicious and perfect for a party. I love the Panini and the Puff Pastry idea. Puff Pastry make such wonderful appetizers. I will have to try these delicious treats one day.

    Blessings and sharing!
    Diane Roark

  2. Anything with jalapenos, yes, please! These look perfect for the holiday season, Carrie! Pinning!

  3. Sharing this with Kevin as he is the one here who likes things a bit spicier. Thanks so much Carrie and hoping you are having a great week so far 🙂

  4. Nicole says:

    Last year someone gave us a jar of jalapeno jelly and I haven’t even opened it because I had no idea what to do with it. This is a good (spicy!) idea. Thanks for sharing on #yuckstopshere link up.

  5. Audrey says:

    I love jalapeno jelly, but have never tried making it. I’ll have to try your recipe as well as some of your uses for it (besides putting it on the block of cream cheese like I usually do).

    Thanks for sharing on Tasty Tuesdays.

  6. I love Jalapeno Jelly and am always looking for ways to use it! Great Post.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Yum Yum! Your post was the most clicked this week on TYSH! CONGRATS! See you Tuesday. HUGS

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