Did You Survive Yourself Ok?

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Have you every pondered on the choices in daily life and how it can bring gloom and discouragement OR happiness and liberty to live the life we choose? 

I have an analogy about an airplane ride that might help us in our decisions and actions.

Did You Survive Yourself OK?

Some years ago Stan and I were able to take a trip with a group of people in the company he was employed at. We had a great vacation, and as always is the case, the time came to return home.

It was a long flight and was the usual flight until we were about half an hour out from our destination airport where we were landing. Suddenly turbulence came up tossing the plane side to side, as well as to bounce the aircraft as if it were a toy.

There are three common reasons for airplane turbulence:

  • Thunderstorms are the major source, yet these are readily identified with modern technology and then avoided whenever possible.
  • Large mountains are also a cause of turbulence because of the surrounding air patterns; again, these are usually not an issue as they can be circumvented.
  • The last reason for turbulence comes from the interaction between the slower air patterns that are around the globe, coming into contact with the fast moving jet stream from the airplane itself. This kind of turbulence can happen at any time, and without any warning, because the jet stream is unpredictable and so it cannot be avoided.

As our plane continued to pitch and be thrown about, passengers were quite nervous.  Actually some of the people on board become physically ill due to the lurching motion.

Finally our aircraft approached the runway, but I just could not bear to look out the small window to my side.


I did not know if the pilot would be able to land the plane safely or not and I could not bare to see it come closer and closer without any lack of momentum.  As the plane approached the ground,  the wheels sporadically touched the asphalt, then bounced us up into the air again with great force.  It was such a drastic bump that sent us back off the runway that it truly caused some of the buckled in passengers to hit their heads on the overhead compartments.

Blessedly, after several attempts, the plane did land safe and intact.

After the plane had stopped moving, there was complete silence for at least one full minute or more. I’m sure I was not the only one saying a very sincere and heartfelt ‘Thank Thee Lord for preserving our life this day’.

In the silence, a young boy who was seated in the front of the plane, unbuckled his seat-belt, turned around and knelt up on the chair, his eyes just peering over the top of the seat.  Looking towards the rear of the plane, I suppose to a family member who was sitting in the very back. In a young voice he asked loudly, “Did you survive yourself OK?”

I have thought of that innocent, yet profound question for years now.

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We all have thunderstorms in our life. We may see the clouds darken, feel the air shift and the temperature drop. With these signs we are able to run for shelter, or for an umbrella at the very least.

Difficulties and turbulence will come to each and every person. When the mountain looms in front of us, sometime we have to prepare and hike to the top and over the other side, and other times we go around the massive land form.

Yet, just like the pilot who cannot see the invisible air, nor its shifting patterns, we cannot always see, nor choose our trials and hardships.

These are there to help us grow individually, and as a family. The question is, when these difficulties come, as they surely will, do we lean on our God who knows us and loves us better than anyone else possibly could? Do we live His commandments the best we can so that we are sure to be victorious? To survive OUR SELF OK is completely and totally our choice, as well as the root of our misery or happiness.

Life really is wonderful. Daily there are countless small, and large miracles given because He loves us.

I hope we search, and make it a point to find those simple and tiny blessings; that is how we will have joy, happiness.  And then to be able to confidently say, I ‘survived MYSELF OK’.

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014, 2016

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

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