3 Magnet Clips with Yo Yo Decor

3 DIY Yo Yo Magnet Clothespins

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3 Magnet Clips with Yo Yo Decor

3 Craft Magnet Clips

Blogging has opened a wonderful world of new friends, including other bloggers. One of these very special gals is Barbara, who has a beautiful blog Bits of   She makes yo yos, and it’s been years since I whipped up a few. We teamed up to bring you these little throw-back gems.  Barbara made up some very clever yo yo clothes pins for Teacher Appreciation that you can see HERE.  Mine can be for Mother’s Day, Thinking of You or for any old reason.  You’re going to love these!  These fabric yo yo magnets are useful, economical gifts for Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, Birthdays – just because!  So easy and quick you make up a bunch while watching your favorite program. I’d love to see what you create!

Double layer Clothespin MagnetFabric Yo Yo 1Supplies:

Clothes pin

4″ x 4″ cotton fabric

1  3/4″ wide netting – approx.

14″ long Thread



All purpose glue Mod Podge & sponge brush

Optional 1″ button or embellishment Decorative paper

Magnets – use strong ones so the clip can actually hold things without sliding down the fridge.

Hot Glue OR E6000 Glue (follow instructions on the package) Fabric Yo Yo 2


Cut the decorative paper 5/16″ wide the length of the clothes pin; or adjust for width of clothes pin.

With the all purpose glue, paste the paper strip onto the clothespin. Fabric Yo Yo 3Use the mod podge to secure and protect the paper, if desired.  Allow to dryFabric Yo Yo 4

Fabric Yo Yo 8

Fabric Yo Yo 5

Cut the netting to 1 3/4″ wide to 13″-14″ long (I cut several at a time as you can see here)Fabric Yo Yo 6Using TWO layers, thread the needle to about a 16″ double length with an approx. 3″ tail after the knot. 

With short stitches, hand sew the length of the netting.Fabric Yo Yo 7Gather by pulling together.

Tie the tail and the end with the needle together to form a tight circle.Fabric Yo Yo 9Use a cup, bowl or compass to draw an approximate 3″ diameter circle.Yo Yo Tote 3Cut   (ok, ok, the picture is odd, but I couldn’t cut with my left hand and take the pic with my right, so here’s what ya get)Yo Yo Tote 4Thread the needle again with 16″ thread, leaving a 3″ tail after the knot.Yo Yo Tote 6Hand stitch with short stitches around the circle.Yo Yo Tote 7Gather and pull gently tight.  Tie the tail and the other end together tightly.Yo Yo Tote 8Cut threadsFabric Yo Yo 10

Glue the netting to the clothespin, then the yo yo, finish with the button.Fabric Yo Yo 11

Fabric Yo Yo 12Glue the magnet on the back.   Fabric Yo Yo 13

Fabric Yo Yo 14    

Fabric Yo Yo 2

Puffy Fabric Flower Clothespin Magnet


Clothes pin

5″ x 5″  fabric such as a seer sucker

5/8″ wide ribbon




1″ flat embellishment

Magnets – use strong ones so the clip can actually hold things without sliding down the fridge.

Hot Glue OR E6000 Glue Puffy Fabric Flower Clothespin Magnet 1


Measure the ribbon to be about 1″ longer than the clothespin.

Tuck under the ends and glue as shown. Using a glue gun, apply a small amount of glue and attach ribbon.Puffy Fabric Flower Clothespin Magnet 2Make the yo yo using a 4″ circle as shown above.

Attach the embellishment with the hot glue.

Glue the magnet to the back.Puffy Fabric Flower Clothespin Magnet 3

Fabric Yo Yo 4

Yo Yo Bow Magnet


Clothes pin

5″ x 5″ cotton fabric




1″ flat button or embellishment

5/8″ wide ribbon Magnets – use strong ones so the clip can actually hold things without sliding down the fridge.

Hot Glue OR E6000 GlueFabric Yo Yo 6


Cut a 4″ diameter circle in fabric and gather as shown above to form a yo yo.

Measure the ribbon and cut the same length as the clothespin.Fabric Yo Yo 7Hot glue the ribbon onto the clothespin.  Then attach the fabric yo yo, the embellishment and magnet.Fabric Yo Yo 4Tie a bow in 1/4″ ribbon and glue onto the clothespin.

Now you can get creative and make your own fabulous magnets for yourself and gifts.

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today

Drink Card 1

Sweet Card of Encouragement

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Drink Card 1

Sweet Card of Encouragement

My husband Stan created this card for me a couple of years ago, to give to friends and neighbors when they were having a difficult day.  Occasionally we all need a little something to urge us along and know that someone is cheering for us.

I wanted to do a tutorial so you could make your own, and Dorthy was incredibly accommodating to help me with measurements and instructions.

Thanks again Dorthy for helping me and THANK YOU Stan for making it up in the first place!

Thinking of You Drink Mix Card


1 – 8 ½ “ X 5 ½ “ cardstock 2 – small brads

1 – 4” X 5 ¼” printed paper small hole punch

Scissors or paper cutter 1 – drink mix packet


For SMALLER drink packets, use the following measurements:

1 – 3 ½ “ X 11” cardstock 1 – 1” X 3 ¾” cardstock

1 – 3” X 5” printed paper 1 – 3’ x 4 ¼” coordinating printed paper


For LARGER drink packet, use these measurements as it is larger than the other types:

1 – 4” X 5” coordinating printed paper paper glue

1 – 1” X 4” cardstock round 7/8” punch (opt)


Here are examples:

The SMALLER Crystal Light drink mix – the generic types would be in this category also would use the smaller measurements.

The LARGER lemonade and fruit punch drink mixes would use the larger measurements.Drink Card 1


Cut out all pieces

Drink Graduation Card 1Fold card stock in half.  Glue 4” X 5 ½” on front of card centering it.Drink Graduation Card 2On the back of the 4” X 5” piece of paper mark the center on the 4” sideDrink Graduation Card 3Use the round punch and make a small notch on the center markDrink Graduation Card 4

Run glue down the 5” edge. (only about ¼” wide)Drink Graduation Card 5Overlap the other side and glue into a tubeDrink Graduation Card 6Flatten the tube so that the notch is centeredDrink Graduation Card 7

Run glue down the center back and then one on each sideDrink Graduation Card 8Glue on the card at an angleDrink Graduation Card 9Slide drink mix into tubeDrink Graduation Card 10Print your greeting and glue onto 1” X 4” cardstock (Dorthy used catsup 18).Drink Graduation Card 11

Hold it over drink mix and punch holes for the bradsDrink Graduation Card 12You may need to use an awl on the left side.Drink Card 2

Drink Graduation Card 14Put the brads in place. Easy peasy!Drink Graduation Card 16

Drink Graduation Card 15Voila!   Now make someone’s day a little sweeter and you will be amazed what it does for YOU!Drink Card 3Drink Card 2Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

Hot Pad Scissor Holder & Decorative Pen

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magnetic hot pad

Magnetic Hot Pad

This easy and quick Hot Pad Holder that attaches to the fridge or any magnetic surface, holds scissors, pens or anything you need to keep track of. 

While making one, it’s easy to make another to give away!

Hot Pad Magnetic Holder

Hot pad
Embroidery floss
Magnets – strong ones

Hot glue
Decorative top
Floral Tape

To start off, you need a hot pad.  Be careful not to get one that is too thick.
1- Before you purchase one, fold it in half to make sure it is not too bulky. If you have one with a pocket, that is fine, you can see that mine has a pocket.

2- Using ALL strands of the embroidery floss, thread the needle and double over. Making about 2 feet of ALL threads on either side of the needle.
3- ake the hot pad, fold it in half at an angle to form a point. See all pictures for direction to see how the fold is created.
4- Pin if needed, or simply hold with one hand and stitch with the other.
5- Whip stitch the length.  To do this, take the thread to the inside, put the needle down through about an inch or so of the stitches and pull through.
6- Continue this stitch all the way up the hot pad.magnetic hot pad 17- After stitching all the way to the top, knot the thread by looping the thread and the needle through a few times as shown below.magnetic hot pad 28- Cut the thread close to the knot.magnetic hot pad 3

9- With a hot glue gun, glue the magnets onto the back of the hot pad holder (you need the strong ones from the craft store to hold the weight of the hot pad and anything else you chose to put in it).

Back sidemagnetic hot pad 4Front sidemagnetic hot pad 5Options to decorate your holder with such as pre-made flower or over sized-button. Check in the craft and wrapping paper/card section for embellishments.magnetic hot pad 6I chose an embellishment I found in the jewelry making section along with a pinch ball connector magnetic hot pad 8

magnetic hot pad 9I stitched it on and tied a piece of cording in the loopmagnetic hot pad 7For the Pen:

I purchased this cool felt flower for about $1.50 at the craft store (Hobby Lobby); use any flower or topper you’d like.
1- Cut off part of the stem if necessary.  You want to make sure you can easily hold the pen to write and not have extra bulk at the lower end of the pen.

2- Using floral tape, which is super cool and sticks to itself, wrap the tape around the pen and stem to hold them together and cover the pen.
3- Break the floral tape at the bottom of the pen and press to seal.magnetic hot pad 10Now you have a handy-dandy holder! Hopefully you made 2, one to give away and one to keep for yourself.magnetic hot pad 11Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today

DIY Get Well Soon Card

DIY Get Well Soon Card

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DIY Get Well Soon Card

DIY Get Well Soon Card

THIS is a perfect card for anyone who is sick or in the hospital.  My very good friend of many years, Dorthy, makes cards that are treasured by all lucky enough to receive one from her.  She shares a simple, yet thoughtful card we can all make.  Prepare a few to keep on hand for ready use.  You can send, or deliver the card alone, or include a few useful items such as pictured here:  lotion, lip balm, hand sanitizer and maybe a little treat.  This easy to make card will make anyone feel a bit better because of you! 

Make it Yourself Get Well Card


3 pieces of contrasting scrap paper




Glue tape is best option if available

Colored marker Rubber stamp with sentiment OR easily print one on your computer or hand write.

***Complete pattern to print out at end of post***


Cut 3 pieces of contrasting paper –  One:  4×11″     Second:  2×2″      Third:  1  1/2 x 1  1/2″ Lay your FOLDED paper down and trace the pattern on top Cut pattern out, still keeping the paper FOLDED at the TOPDIY Get Well Soon Card 1Holding the cut pattern still FOLDED, cut up the middle on ONE side. This makes the back opening of the hospital gown.DIY Get Well Soon Card 2Stamp the small paper with your stamp with sentiment, or write on it. Do this first so if you happen to make a mistake you can use the other side.    Glue the small paper to the next sized paper, centering. DIY Get Well Soon Card 3


DIY Get Well Soon Card 4 Using the pattern piece or other paper to avoid ‘bleeding’ through of the marker.

Draw a bow tie, mimicking the tie on the back side of the hospital gown. Including your initials makes the card personal and meant for the recipient.

Copyright by Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.Publication1