Ribbon or Rag Tie Flip Flops

DIY Rag Tie Flip Flops

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Ribbon or Rag Tie Flip Flops

DIY Easy Rag or Ribbon Tie Decorate Your Own Flip Flops

This fun, quick, inexpensive way to decorate your feet is so creative, yet easy with a little bit of fabric torn into strips OR some ribbon!

It’s a great camp craft, teen activity, girls day project to have for days at the pool, or to make to match your summer outfits, or just because you want to have an excuse to dress up your feet!!!

DIY Funky Flip Flops


• A pair of plain flip flops

• Fabric of your choice  OR 1″ wide ribbon would work just as well, cut into 6″ lengths

• Pinking Shears

• RulerFunky Flip Flops 1

Directions: First you will want to cut strips of fabric into 1 inch wide and 6 inches long.

The strips do not need to be exact.Funky Flip Flops 2Don’t worry if you don’t have pinking shears you can use a pair of regular scissors as well.

When cutting the fabric, use about 25-30 strips of fabric per flip flop (depending on the shoe size.)

Next you will want to tie the fabric around the flip flop straps.Funky Flip Flops 3When tying the fabric around the flip flop, tye it into one knot. Funky Flip Flops 4If you are going to use more than one type of material start alternating at this point.

You may notice your strands starting to fray. This is what adds charm!  Funky Flip Flops 5

Tie all the way down until there is about 2 inches of the flip flop strap showing.

You want to stop here, for comfort when wearing:)
Funky Flip Flops 6

Trim the edges to your preferred length.

Now you can make several, varying the color of the flip flop and fabric or ribbon!

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Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014, 2017

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Soda Tab Jewelry

Soda Pop Tab Jewelry & Crafts

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Soda Tab Jewelry

Soda Pop Tab Jewelry

Recycle and Re-Purpose!    What a GREAT craft project.  We asked neighbors to collect their pop tabs to show you how to make necklaces, headbands, key chains, bracelets – the sky’s the limit to what you can create!    
You can use ribbon of your choice; a terrific way to use up those extra pieces. These are for guys and gals alike. My daughter Delsi was so kind to learn to do this just for YOU.  So grab some pop tabs, ribbon and accessorize, make these up for gifts, girls night out, or anything your heart desires. 

Soda Pop Tab Jewelry
Supplies for Bracelet, Necklace or Headband: Soda pop tabs, approximately 20+ depending on your project
Ribbon, 1/4″ – 1/2″.    3 times the circumference of your wrist  

Directions:Soda Tab Jewelry 1This is the pattern of the soda can tops to make the jewelry.Soda Tab Jewelry 2Start by weaving the ribbons through the soda tabs, leaving about 4″ – 8″ inches at one end for tying.Soda Tab Jewelry 3

Lay another tap ON TOP of the one with the ribbon woven throughSoda Tab Jewelry 4Weave ribbon through both tabsSoda Tab Jewelry 5It will look like thisSoda Tab Jewelry 6

Soda Tab Jewelry 7The next tab will be placed UNDERNEATH the previous tab

Here is another view as you continue weavingSoda Tab Jewelry 8Side view of the weavingSoda Tab Jewelry 9Remember you alternate the tabs ON TOP to weave the ribbon, then UNDERNEATH the previous tab to weave the ribbon.Soda Tab Jewelry 10Pull through the back side as shown here.Soda Tab Jewelry 11

When you reach the desired length, go through the ends of the soda tab without adding another soda can top.Soda Tab Jewelry 12
To finish tie the ribbon ends in a knot to secure.
To wear, tie the ribbons in a loose knot or bow.Soda Tab Jewelry 13
For the key chain at the beginning, leave room for a loop, tie a knot and continue as directed above.Soda Tab Jewelry 14
Thank you Delsi for doing this tutorial for us!
Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014
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Yo Yo Tote

DIY Yo-Yo Tote

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Yo Yo Tote

DIY Yo Yo Tote


Do you want to stand out this summer?  Here is the say to style out in front of the crowd and be a trend-setter.  

These Yo Yo’s are incredibly easy to make, even for the ‘non-sewer’ and a perfect craft for kids, teens and adults.

It is very inexpensive and you can make a tote for your crafts, overnight travel, a very thought gift or for any purpose you have in mind.

I promise they are SO easy, that kids through any age can make them.  I will give you easy step-by-step picture tutorials on how to make this chic tote to carry anything your heart desires.  A fabulous way to use up scrap fabric too! Simply click on over and let’s get started.

DIY Yo Yo Tote or Bag


Canvas bag/tote

7″-13″ fabric – the YO YO will be half the dimension from the width you begin with.  Choose as many designs and colors as you desire for your tote  HERE  are some I thought might be really fun to work with all ready to go

Sewing needle



Cups or anything round to trace your circle

No Sew Fabric Adhesive – I found this is the best fabric glue that holds, but doesn’t make your fabric go all stiff, hard and crunchy

Embellishments for center of each YO YO –  Like THESE could would go with the fabric above

1  1/2″ wide double sided ribbon approx. 1 1/2 – 2 times the width of the tote, optional, or cover the top of the tote with more YO YO’s

Yo Yo Tote 2


Using a cup, bowl or compass trace a circle in your fabric

Yo Yo Tote 3With scissors, cut out as many circles are you want to decorate your tote.Yo Yo Tote 4Cut varying sizes for interestYo Yo Tote 5Thread your needle with a double strand, with enough length to go around the circle, but not so much that it easily tangles. 

Make a knot in the end except leave a 3″ tail – this is VERY important!!!Yo Yo Tote 6Stitch about 1/4″ in from the outer edge all around the circle, stopping when reaching the beginning threads.

Pull the threads taught, but do not break them. Careful not to use your superman strength here – save that for another time.Yo Yo Tote 7Tie a knot with the threads to form a tight circle. Again, don’t get carried away and break the threads with your buffness.Yo Yo Tote 8Trim any stray threads and excess fabric at the top of the circle above the stitches you just sewed.Yo Yo Tote 9Play with the circles to see where you want them.  Experiement.

Then glue the Yo Yo in place.

Next, glue the embellishment in the center of the Yo Yo to give it a finished lookYo Yo Tote 10Now for the ribbon.  Burn the edge of the ribbon to prevent fraying.Yo Yo Tote 11Thread a needle with a double thread at least the width of the tote. 

Turn the end over 1/4″ then again 1/4, this give a nice looking edge.

Now push the threaded needle through the layers you just made.Yo Yo Tote 12With stitches about 1/4″ apart, being to hand sew down the middle of the ribbon, gathering the ribbon a little as you go.  

This step will help you see how much ribbon you want to use, and how far of the length to sew.Yo Yo Tote 13Continue until you are pleased with the length and how loose or tight the ribbon is gathered.

Tie the end of the thread by making a knot at the end of the ribbon and going back through a couple of times to secure it.

With the No Sew Glue, place a drop at one end of the tote, and place the gathered ribbon wherever your little heart desires.  

Push it in place to secure.Yo Yo Tote 14Gently continue the length of the tote with this same step, gluing every inch or so, depending on ribbon; you may need a bit more glue and closer spacing between glue spots.Yo Yo Tote 15I chose to twist the ribbon as I glued it to the tote because the ribbon was patterned on both sides; which I liked, and for interest.Yo Yo Tote 16Secure with glue at the other end of the toteYo Yo Tote 17I had enough ribbon to make a bow on the handle, which I also secured in place with a bit of glueYo Yo Tote 18Allow your project to sit for 24 before using to allow the glue to set up *See glue bottle for instructions

Now you have a fun tote for summer fun, vacations, crafts, a gift, or for anything that will make your life complete, lol!

 I want to thank  Barbara at Bits Of Ivory for the inspiration and instructions on a basic fabric yo yo.  You can see her YO YO creation HERE

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

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3 Magnet Clips with Yo Yo Decor

3 DIY Yo Yo Magnet Clothespins

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3 Magnet Clips with Yo Yo Decor

3 Craft Magnet Clips

Blogging has opened a wonderful world of new friends, including other bloggers. One of these very special gals is Barbara, who has a beautiful blog Bits of   She makes yo yos, and it’s been years since I whipped up a few. We teamed up to bring you these little throw-back gems.  Barbara made up some very clever yo yo clothes pins for Teacher Appreciation that you can see HERE.  Mine can be for Mother’s Day, Thinking of You or for any old reason.  You’re going to love these!  These fabric yo yo magnets are useful, economical gifts for Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, Birthdays – just because!  So easy and quick you make up a bunch while watching your favorite program. I’d love to see what you create!

Double layer Clothespin MagnetFabric Yo Yo 1Supplies:

Clothes pin

4″ x 4″ cotton fabric

1  3/4″ wide netting – approx.

14″ long Thread



All purpose glue Mod Podge & sponge brush

Optional 1″ button or embellishment Decorative paper

Magnets – use strong ones so the clip can actually hold things without sliding down the fridge.

Hot Glue OR E6000 Glue (follow instructions on the package) Fabric Yo Yo 2


Cut the decorative paper 5/16″ wide the length of the clothes pin; or adjust for width of clothes pin.

With the all purpose glue, paste the paper strip onto the clothespin. Fabric Yo Yo 3Use the mod podge to secure and protect the paper, if desired.  Allow to dryFabric Yo Yo 4

Fabric Yo Yo 8

Fabric Yo Yo 5

Cut the netting to 1 3/4″ wide to 13″-14″ long (I cut several at a time as you can see here)Fabric Yo Yo 6Using TWO layers, thread the needle to about a 16″ double length with an approx. 3″ tail after the knot. 

With short stitches, hand sew the length of the netting.Fabric Yo Yo 7Gather by pulling together.

Tie the tail and the end with the needle together to form a tight circle.Fabric Yo Yo 9Use a cup, bowl or compass to draw an approximate 3″ diameter circle.Yo Yo Tote 3Cut   (ok, ok, the picture is odd, but I couldn’t cut with my left hand and take the pic with my right, so here’s what ya get)Yo Yo Tote 4Thread the needle again with 16″ thread, leaving a 3″ tail after the knot.Yo Yo Tote 6Hand stitch with short stitches around the circle.Yo Yo Tote 7Gather and pull gently tight.  Tie the tail and the other end together tightly.Yo Yo Tote 8Cut threadsFabric Yo Yo 10

Glue the netting to the clothespin, then the yo yo, finish with the button.Fabric Yo Yo 11

Fabric Yo Yo 12Glue the magnet on the back.   Fabric Yo Yo 13

Fabric Yo Yo 14    

Fabric Yo Yo 2

Puffy Fabric Flower Clothespin Magnet


Clothes pin

5″ x 5″  fabric such as a seer sucker

5/8″ wide ribbon




1″ flat embellishment

Magnets – use strong ones so the clip can actually hold things without sliding down the fridge.

Hot Glue OR E6000 Glue Puffy Fabric Flower Clothespin Magnet 1


Measure the ribbon to be about 1″ longer than the clothespin.

Tuck under the ends and glue as shown. Using a glue gun, apply a small amount of glue and attach ribbon.Puffy Fabric Flower Clothespin Magnet 2Make the yo yo using a 4″ circle as shown above.

Attach the embellishment with the hot glue.

Glue the magnet to the back.Puffy Fabric Flower Clothespin Magnet 3

Fabric Yo Yo 4

Yo Yo Bow Magnet


Clothes pin

5″ x 5″ cotton fabric




1″ flat button or embellishment

5/8″ wide ribbon Magnets – use strong ones so the clip can actually hold things without sliding down the fridge.

Hot Glue OR E6000 GlueFabric Yo Yo 6


Cut a 4″ diameter circle in fabric and gather as shown above to form a yo yo.

Measure the ribbon and cut the same length as the clothespin.Fabric Yo Yo 7Hot glue the ribbon onto the clothespin.  Then attach the fabric yo yo, the embellishment and magnet.Fabric Yo Yo 4Tie a bow in 1/4″ ribbon and glue onto the clothespin.

Now you can get creative and make your own fabulous magnets for yourself and gifts.

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

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