Staying connected by sending gifts in a unique way through the mail

Did You Know You Can Send THAT In the Mail?

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Staying connected by sending gifts in a unique way through the mail

Staying in touch through the mail

Did You Know You Can Send THAT In the Mail? 

To make connections, strengthen relationships and build family foundations, this is the BEST FUN way!


Who doesn’t like to get mail that isn’t a bill –  but a treat or a gift?  EVERYONE, that’s who.

Did you know you can mail just about anything?

For example you can mail a coconut, just as it is without putting it in a box or wrapping it up – simply as it is, by either writing, or taping an address on it? Isn’t that the coolest thing ever!

Think of the possibilities.  This post is part The Lost Art of Relationships. What better way to strengthen, mend or to reach across the miles than to send a surprise to a brother, sister, mom, dad, grandchild, child, in-law, niece or nephew, aunt, uncle — you get the idea. 

Also, what a wonderful approach to softening hearts if that is needed. It’s a comfortable way of letting someone know you are thinking of them, or even starting a conversation. 

And, boy do I have some FUN ideas for you, come on and just see what I have put together.


I wanted to make sure how things would work in the mail, so to experiment, I visited the post office quite a bit.

Well, I can tell you with confidence, that you can mail pretty much anything what you can think of.

*The only restrictions I would recommend are to watch the weight and size of the item(s), because that is what makes the difference in the price.  The large dimensions or heavy weight might be a bit into your budget, so use care with that. And I know this applies in the contingent USA, not sure about outside the U.S.; you’ll have to check if outside in another country, or sending to Alaska or Hawaii.

It's In The Mail! 2

I have mailed puzzles right in their own box.

Candy in its own wrapper.

Balls – YES balls!  The larger ones at the Dollar Store. The postman was so excited. my kids reported to me, that he brought it right the door for the grand kids. 

A box of fruit snacks and fruit roll ups, as they are when purchased at the store, among many other items.It's In The Mail! 3

One thing I didn’t send, but a postal worker said they saw come through was a baseball bat.  Just the bat!  The sender had written a little note on the bat with a sharpie marker, then taped the sender and recipients address, on the bat itself.  What a cool gift!

I have some ideas for you!!!

What little girl wouldn’t love receiving ELSA or ANNA  in a bottle/container/OR the Party in Bottle you’ll see below!  How fun would that be!!!

For a toddler boy look HERE

For a teenage girl or a woman try these socks HERE

For a teenage boy or man try this HERE

This CANDY could be sent as it is

I found an inexpensive and sturdy box, lined it with fun tissue, then bubble wrap.  
It's In The Mail! 3
You can fill with cookies, brownies, peanut butter bars, whatever treat or CANDY like HERE  if you want, but make sure it is dense treat so it travels well. It's In The Mail! 3Tape it up with fun duct tape like  one of THESE which I also used to tape around the address and then shipped it off. It's In The Mail! 4

The black print tape was on a tub of cotton candy and it sailed right through.  It's In The Mail! 5The box of M&M’s didn’t squish or munch.  It's In The Mail! 6As you can see even the middle package with individual packs (the brown print) of candy made it across several states.  I wasn’t sure if it would pop since it is filled with air, but it made it just fine!  It's In The Mail! 7

This is a GREAT idea….ok…in my humble opinion, I think it’s a great idea anyway. 

Take an empty can of Pringles potato chips and wipe it out. 

Then fill it with cookies, candy or treat, part of the way up the can.It's In The Mail! 8I put a little note inside of a sandwich baggie, then tucked it inside with the cookies.It's In The Mail! 9The reason I put the note in a baggie, is so that it wouldn’t get greasy from the oils of the cookies or whatever treat was in the can, and then continued to fill up the canister.It's In The Mail! 10Next cut a piece of waxed paper and a piece of construction paper the same size as the lid to go over the cookies to cover them.  It's In The Mail! 11

Tape with fun duct tape or packing tape.  Address and send.  

It's In The Mail! 12

Look at this! I put addresses right on the toys and they made it!It's In The Mail! 13Be creative, things right in their own packing works well too.It's In The Mail! 14 Look around your house at all the different kinds of bottles or canisters you can use to send treats or gifts in.  It just needs to be sturdy.It's In The Mail! 15

New mom’s, or mom’s-to-be would be thrilled to get a gift like one of these in the mail!

It could be the Barefoot Baby Sandals, click HERE for my tutorial.

Or the Binki Clips, click HERE to see step-by-step tutorials for these useful and appreciated gifts.

It's In The Mail! 16The Christmas and holiday pails/tins work terrific for those hard to fit items.  Seal, then tape the address on the outside and away they go.   Watch for after holiday sales for plain colored tins to use any time of the year.  It's In The Mail! 17With your canister/container, you can put just about anything that abides by the post office standards.

If you have a store with the bins of candy, go get a little bit of this and that to put in your container.  It does not have to be full,  if it will not be damaged; it can rattle around while shipping and be fine, if an item that won’t be damaged of course.
It's In The Mail! 18

HUGE TIP:   I found out the hard way that if there is a coating on a ball, or a toy like this, you cannot simply tape the address on it to send. Because it will tear off the top layer when the receiver wants to take it off….oops. It's In The Mail! 19Don’t forget older boys and teen guys. 

Tool boxes or canisters can hold the duct tape they love.  How fun would it be to send a teen (IF appropriate, you know your family) the tool box with the tape and a treat with the lock on it.

THEN, send the key in a separate envelope or container!   Most like a good joke, but again, you know your family. It's In The Mail! 20A boy would love the cars coming in a fun mystery container.  What surprise this would be!It's In The Mail! 21A tween or teen girl is sometimes difficult to get a gift for.  But what about holiday themed or every day socks or booties?  They always enjoy these!  And in a clear plastic jar, or a fun type as shown above, it would make her day better!It's In The Mail! 22

If you have a huge fan of anything, such as the super hero’s (or a certain theme) YOU would certainly be their super hero with this package. 

*On Amazon I found some lunch boxes that were being discontinued or marked down like the one pictured pictured below; for example I found a Disney Frozen one HERE for super inexpensive. Just search a bit and you’ll be surprised at the fun you can have with this!It's In The Mail! 23Candy for ANYONE is always appreciated.  It's In The Mail! 24If you know someone is having a hard time, needs a pick-me-up, thinking-of-you, or just-because, here’s an idea.It's In The Mail! 25                

If you have a special girl in your life, here is an idea (*the size and shape will affect shipping)

Lay your choice of ribbon across the box you want to use. It's In The Mail! 26Then tissue on top of the ribbon.  It's In The Mail! 27 You can put anything you’d like in your special box.  I put in TuTu’s that we made on a post.  You can see the detailed EASY instructions HERE.

I added some glow sticks on top for extra fun. It's In The Mail! 28Pull the tissue up around the contents carefully and tuck it in, then the ribbons, and tie them up and give them all a curl. It's In The Mail! 29 A note on the inside to the recipients as well as the address for the mail carriers. Fun duct (as I linked to above) tape to keep it together makes it extra special. It's In The Mail! 30

 Delivery and the result—- smiles all around! It's In The Mail! 31

Would you like to send a PARTY IN A BOTTLE? 

It’s easy and I’ll show you how!
It's In The Mail! 32

First rinse out a large pop bottle and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Take off whatever of the wrapper you can, but don’t stress (you will cover it up anyway).

Make a slit of about 4″-6″ It's In The Mail! 33Cutting over where the label is, so over the glue because you will cover this area with the address anyway.It's In The Mail! 34Into the slit you just cut, stuff COLOR SHREDS HERE, confetti, WIRE GARLAND really, anything your heart desires.

Have fun, remember, you are making a PARTY in a BOTTLE!It's In The Mail! 35

Then slip the gift in, keep in mind where it is going, and if it will it melt before reaching its destination. 

If it is  hot, do not send chocolate, that is my recommendation. It's In The Mail! 36

DOUBLE LAYER the paper, by folding it over itself after printing or putting another piece on top of itself.  

Simply tape the address over the slit to cover any label that you couldn’t remove

Everyone will be amazed at how YOU took a minute to send a little MAGIC in the mail 

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2015, 2017

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today

100 Dice Game

Game Time of 100

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100 Dice GameOh, it’s time for some family FUN!     This FUN game is called 100 and will fit the bill perfectly for 3 players  and up.     

It’s for any age that can write their numbers OR roll the dice while a parent writes.     Low prep, easy to play and great for any time and anywhere! 

Stan’s brother and his wife are some of the most fun people I know. They love to play games as a family and taught us this one a few years back. It’s called 100 and is a terrific game to take along anywhere to play anytime. My daughter Delsi kept it in her backpack for downtime at school. (She also cheats at this game by running away with the pen, but do not follow her bad example, heehee).  Now on with the game!!!




2 dice (6 sided dice)

Small pieces of paper, one per player

Pen – one that is smooth such as shown  



Each player takes one piece of paper and rolls ONE die.

The high roll begins the game.

The player to the left of the beginner player gets the pen and at “GO” begins to write 1,2,3,4, etc.

Meanwhile the person with the dice is rolling BOTH dice and if the person rolls anything but double SIX’S after rolling, passes the dice to the next person, skipping the person with the pen.

The next person quickly rolls, also trying to roll DOUBLE SIXES.

If a double six is rolled, the person who rolled it grabs the pen from the person writing and begins to write on their own paper 1,2,3, and on.

The next player grabs the dice and rolls.

If they get a DOUBLE SIX they grab the pen and write their 1,2,3, etc.

If not, the next person gets the dice. I

f a person rolls DOUBLE SIXES and has already begun to write numbers on their paper, they pick up where they left off.

When a player reaches 100, they shout ONE HUNDRED and wins the game.


 Copyright Carrie Groneman,  A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

Send 'em a little Love

Grandparents Corner & Family: Send 'em a little Love

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Send 'em a little Love
It's In The Mail! 3

Send ’em a little Love

Who said we have to wait for a birthday or holiday to send a little something to say, “I’m thinking of you”, “I love you”, “Thank you”, or even a “Hello” to a grandchild, niece, nephew, son, daughter, sister, brother, friend – anyone!!   


I tried an experiment, just for all of you, and it worked! You can send pretty much anything in the mail (careful about too much weight or size if on a budget). I mailed puzzles right in their own box, candy in its own wrapper, balls, a box of fruit snacks and fruit roll ups in the box right from the store,  pringle cans with treats inside (no chips involved here) and lots of fun items.  
I typed up the address of the person I was sending the gift, toy or treat to, along with my return address and took it to the post office.
The postal worker told me that she once had a coconut come through.  A coconut, just as you buy them, with the address taped on the outside sent right through the mail!   It's In The Mail! 14 Another unusual item was a baseball bat.  Just the bat!  The sender had written a little note on the bat with a sharpie marker, then taped the sender and recipients address, all right on the bat itself.
Here’s some ideas for fun things to send in the mail. Just click on the picture!



White Chocolate Shoes - Artist Squiggle


TIP: For the pringles can, I put a little note inside of a sandwich baggie and put it inside with the cookies I sent so it wouldn’t get greasy from the oils of the cookies.Bethany JacoAnother TIP:  I found out the hard way, is that some coatings of balls and toys come off with the tape used to attach the address.

It's In The Mail! 19All ages will appreciate a little show of love, thoughtfulness and kindness by receiving an unexpected gift in their mail box. 

Now, for fun containers to put your little ‘mail-of-love’ in. 

Here are just a few ideas I collected around the house; you probably have quite a few of the same.  Be sure the container is sturdy and tape it securely closed. It's In The Mail! 15

Would you like to send a party in a bottle?

Well, here you go.It's In The Mail! 35
Again click on the image

Rinse out a large pop bottle and allow it to dry thoroughly.
Take off wrapper and make a slit about 4″-6″ where the glue is from the label (you can save yourself the trouble of cleaning it off, it will not matter). It's In The Mail! 33

It's In The Mail! 34Into the slit, stuff confetti, foil shreds, wired ribbon, anything your heart desires.

Then slip in the gift, keep in mind where it is going and will it melt before reaching its destination.It's In The Mail! 32

Type or hand write the name and address of the recipient of your fabulous ‘party’, and be sure to include your return address.

It is best to double layer the paper, then simply tape the address over the slit. 

Everyone will be amazed at how YOU took a minute to send a little MAGIC in the mail, and appreciate your thoughtfulness.It's In The Mail! 36Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2013

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.