Hawaiian Sliders with homemade slaw

Hawaiian Pork Sliders with Slaw and Island Sauce

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Hawaiian Sliders with homemade slaw

Hawaiian Pork Sliders with homemade slaw and dressing

This is a perfect meal for any occasion.  Terrific to make ahead for a crowd, or for dinner tonight.    A sweet roll, layered with fabulous marinated tender and moist meat, a refreshing slaw with just the right amount of seasoning and then topped with an amazing Island Sauce. 

Hawaiian Pork Slider with Slaw and Island Sauce
1/4 cup orange juice
1/4 soy sauce
1/3 cup water
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 tsp. chicken bouillon
3 Tbl. seasoned rice vinegar
2 Tbl. sesame oil
1/4 tsp. Montreal Steak Seasoning
1 Tbl. minced garlic
3” piece of fresh ginger root
1 – 1 ½ lb. pork tenderloin
2 tsp. cornstarch
10-12 mini Hawaiian-style sweet rolls, halve horizontally

3 cups coleslaw mix (can use thin sliced head of cabbage also)
3 Tbl. seasoned rice vinegar
1 tsp. sesame oil
¼ tsp. Emerill’s Original Seasoning
¼ tsp. Montreal Steak Seasoning
2 thinly sliced green onion

Prepare the pork –
In a gallon zip lock bag, mix together the orange juice, soy sauce, water, brown sugar, bouillon, rice vinegar, sesame oil, steak seasoning, garlic and ginger root. Squish and mix well. Add the pork loin to the bag and refrigerate 2-8 hours. Flip over occasionally. Hawaiian Sliders 1
Hawaiian Sliders 2When ready to bake the pork loin, preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Remove the pork from the marinade (RESERVE the marinade) and place the meat into a foil lined baking dish.Hawaiian Sliders 3

Place the baking dish in the oven and bake approx. 25 minutes per pound. Cook until the internal temperature reads 145 degrees. Allow meat to rest 10 minutes. Hawaiian Sliders 4
Hawaiian Sliders 5Meanwhile, while the meat is cooking, prepare the slaw – *If using whole cabbage, slice about 1/4 of the purple and 1/4 of the green thin.
Hawaiian Sliders 6

In a small bowl whisk well together the rice vinegar, sesame oil, Emerill’s and steak seasoning.
In a medium bowl, combine the coleslaw mix, or sliced cabbage, and the green onions. Pour the rice vinegar mixture over the cabbage and toss well.
Allow it to sit, covered, in the refrigerator while the pork is cooking to allow the flavors to marry. Hawaiian Sliders 7
Hawaiian Sliders 8

To make the Slider Sauce – In a blender pour in the marinade and the cornstarch. Blend well.Hawaiian Sliders 9
Hawaiian Sliders 10Pour the blended mixture into a large pan (the mixture foams and bubbles) and bring to a boil over medium to high heat.Hawaiian Sliders 11Reduce the heat and simmer until the sauce thickens and you have a trail when you run a finger through the sauce. Be careful not to burn yourself. Hawaiian Sliders 12
Hawaiian Sliders 13

Remove from the heat and allow to sit while preparing the meat.
If a ‘skin’ forms, simply stir. If sauce becomes too thick, thin with chicken broth or water and bouillon.   When the pork is cooked and has sat for 10 minutes, slice into 1/4” – 1/3” slices.
*Keep the juices from the baking pan.
For leftovers, or if you are making this step ahead, put meat into a zip-lock baggie along with the juices from the baking pan. This will keep the meat moist and tender. Hawaiian Sliders 16
Hawaiian Sliders 17
To assemble the Hawaiian Pork Slider: Place the split sweet roll on a plate.
Lay on slices of meat, then slaw and drizzle the slider sauce over the top. Enjoy!Hawaiian Slider 2

Carrie’s recipe. Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014
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Dipping Sauce for Pot Stickers

Dipping Sauce for Pot Stickers

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Dipping Sauce for Pot Stickers

Dipping Sauce for Pot Stickers

This quick and inexpensive sauce is excellent with homemade or purchased pot stickers.  Make this up for a party, appetizer or a snack anytime.

DIPPING SAUCE for Pot Stickers


1/4 tsp. chicken bouillon

2 Tbl. water

2 Tbl. soy sauce

1/2 – 1 tsp. sesame oil, to desired taste

2 Tbl. rice wine vinegar

1 tsp. minced ginger* (purchase 3-4 inch piece of fresh ginger root) OR 1/4 tsp. powdered ginger

1/4 tsp. chili oil

2 tsp. packed brown sugar

pinch – 1/8 tsp. garlic powder, to desired taste

1 Tbl. green onion, minced


In a small sauce pan combine all the ingredients.

IF using fresh, grate the ginger root. 

You can purchase any size you want.  It is ok to break off the section you want; you do have to purchase the whole root portion.Pork Wontons 14Peel the ginger root with a knife or a vegetable peeler.Pork Wontons 15Grate on a fine grater.Pork Wontons 16

Add the fresh ginger root to the rest of the ingredients (again, IF using fresh) Warm mixture through long enough to dissolve and combine ingredients.Pork Wontons 18

Pork Wontons 17Store in a sealed container in the refrigerator until ready to use (use within 3-4 days). Warm before serving if it has been chilled.

Carrie Groneman’s recipe, Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2013

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