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How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

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Home DIY Pedicure and healthy toes

How to give yourself a basic home pedicure

How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

Do you wonder How to Give Yourself a Pedicure?

My daughter-in-law Tawni is our lovely foot model  going through the steps with a licensed and very knowledgeable technician, while she gets a professional pedicure so you will know how to give yourself a pedicure. 

Now you can give yourself a DIY salon spa pedicure at a fraction of the cost that will look professional and done correctly too by following the step-by-step tutorial.*

After the pedicure, you might want to pamper your hair with this Homemade Hair Treatment that works wonders.

And don’t forget your skin care. This Homemade Facial is perfect for any season to brighten and cleanse the face. 

Tawni:  I didn’t enter the world of pedicures until after I was married, and then I realized what I had been missing for most of my life! I had always thought that a pedicure was just getting your toenails painted, but it is soooo much more than that. Of course, a good pedicure can really add up ($$$), so a real professional showed us how to do your own at home! Side-note: Pedicures aren’t just for women. It’s important for everyone to take care of their feet, including you men out there! You don’t have to paint your toenails, but doing everything else will help your skin and feet so much. And no, it’s NOT girly!  

For an at-home pedicure you will need the following supplies (click for easy access to Amazon links)


Foot spa or large bowl big enough for both feet to fit in comfortably


Epsom salt foot soak (recommended by our technician) or this ONE


Exfoliator (such as a foot paddle. Try to avoid using pumice stones.)

A good lotion 

Nail polish remover with acetone (if removing nail polish)

Cuticle oil this, or this

Nail buffer (optional)

Manicure Set, This, or This

Orangewood or birchwood sticks  

If you are also going to paint your toenails you will need: 


Base coat & top coat, here’s a combination

Nail polish in color of your choice

Toe separators- this or this

Speed spray

Stickers/decals (optional)  

I know this looks like a pretty big list, but everything is really inexpensive, and once you have it all you’re set for quite a few pedicures.


All right, here we go with our pedicure!

1 – First fill up the bowl or foot spa with water as hot as you can stand it (it will cool quickly).

Add about a half cup of Epsom salt foot soak and stick your feet in. You’ll want to soak them for about 20 minutes, so this is a good time to catch up on your TV shows!How to Give Yourself a Pedicure


2 – When you’re done soaking, take your feet out and dry them really well with a towel. 

You can use a blow dryer to make the feet as dry as possibleHow to Give Yourself a Pedicure


3 – Now it’s time to exfoliate! Do you have dry skin and little cracks on your heels and toes like this?How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

This is where you want to exfoliate. Using slight pressure and quick motions, rub the paddle, up and down along those little cracks and dry skin until you can see them disappearing.

If you see a little more moisture, dry it off with your towel.

After exfoliating there may still be some small wrinkles on your heel; How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

these are part of your skin, so please don’t rub them off!

How to Give Yourself a Pedicure4 – If you have nail polish on your toenails, remove it with nail polish remover and a cotton pad or cotton ball.

Remember to use nail polish remover that has acetone, as that has more of a drying quality and you want your nails to be dehydrated before painting so the polish stays on better.  Acetone also kills bacteria!  

5 – Using an cuticle pusher, push back cuticles. How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

It is important to make sure that the cuticle stays connected to the nail, so don’t shove the cuticle back. Just push gently.

How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

If there’s a piece of cuticle hanging off or if you have hangnails, use the cuticle nippers to cut it off.  Do not pull them or rip them.

How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

6 – After pushing the cuticles back, rub a little cuticle oil on them.

7 – Using the orangewood or birchwood stick, go under the sides and tops of the toenails a little bit to get out any dirt or gunk that might be stuck in them.How to Give Yourself a Pedicure8 – The next step is optional.

If you have little ridges on your toenails, you can use a buffer to smooth them out if you want your polish to lie more smoothly.How to Give Yourself a Pedicure9 – Next clip and/ or file your toenails.

Filing will give it a smoother look, but either way make sure you clip or file in a straight line. If you go too short on the sides of the nail, it could cause ingrown toenails.How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

10 – Now for the best part, the foot rub! You can do it yourself or bribe your significant other to do it for you.

Work a good amount of lotion into the foot first. Then starting at the heel, and working your way up, use long, smooth deep strokes upward to rub the foot. How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

You can use your thumbs, fist, and/or knuckles to do this. Make sure you really work out those knots in your arches! Also, stretch the foot back and forth. When you get to the toes, pretend like you’re “milking” them. 

How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

Pinch at the bottom of the toe and pull away.

How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

If you’re not painting your nails, then you’re done! If you are, then follow these steps:  

1 – Dehydrate nails with acetone (or polish remover that has acetone in it) and a cotton ball or pad  

2 – Use toe separators to separate your toes. Either invest in a pair of sanitizable gel separators, or use disposable ones BUT make sure to throw them away when you’re done.How to Give Yourself a Pedicure3 – Apply a base coat first. This is like a primer and will make the polish stick better.How to Give Yourself a Pedicure4 – Apply the polish color. It’s important to not flood the cuticles or it will cause the polish to lift and chip as the cuticle grows.

Paint one coat on all toes and then paint another coat.

You can use any polish you’d like, but a higher end polish has more pigment in it, which means fewer coats to paint and faster drying time.

5 – Apply the topcoat. How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

6 – It is a good idea to invest in a speed spray. A speed spray has conditioning oil in it and keeps debris (lint, etc.) from sticking to the nail

7 – If you like stickers or decals you can put them on your nails after you apply the top coat, and then apply another top coat. And you’re done!

Some professional tips:

– Make sure you keep things very sanitary. After using the foot spa, clean it out well (such as Scrubbing Bubbles) and store it in a dry place (not under the sink). Then before you use it wipe it out with a Clorox wipe. Also clean your exfoliator when you’re done. Use rubbing alcohol and a little brush to scrub it off, then clean it with Scrubbing Bubbles. Even if it’s your germs that are on it, you don’t want other ‘things’ growing. Also make sure you sanitize the toe separators, cuticle nippers, everything you used.

– If you have acrylic nails and want to remove polish color, don’t use polish remover with acetone. Just use regular polish remover.

– Put a rubber band around the lid of the nail polish so if your hands are still greasy from the lotion, you can still get it off.

– If polish gets on the skin around your toes, it won’t stick very well because of the lotion you put on earlier. Use your fingers or an orangewood stick to get it off easily.

– If you start having problems with your feet, please go see a podiatrist!

I want to thank all who helped make this very informative post, it’s really helpful:) Carrie

*No medical doctor or physician of any kind was referenced for this post.  Giving yourself a pedicure is at your own risk, these are all tips and guidelines, but no one involved is in the position to give advice and cannot be held responsible for any injury, infection or damage that may result. 

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2013, 2018

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

How To Correctly Shape Eyebrows

When I started into my teen years and noticing that guys were kinda cute, one of them tactfully (not!) told me I had Bert Brow’s, referring to the Sesame Street character.  I promptly bought a pair of tweezers and went to work.  I believe I had about 1/2 inch left when I was done.  Over the years I’ve tweezed, oftentimes ending up lopsided or with less than I should have had in the end.  I’ve had many a hairdressers wax my brows over the years with mixed results, but then I was referred to Jen, an expert in the field.  I soon found that a professional can actually make your eyes look like you’ve had ‘lift’ because of her skill and training as well as ‘polished’ and at your best.  For your information, Jen also colors brows so they look natural and that you actually have some, for those ladies who have little or blond hair at the brow.  Jen was so kind to write this up, helping us know what to look for when shopping for a professional.  Thank you Jen for giving us this great information!   When shopping for a professional that does eyebrows, here are some things that I would personally look for: 

  •   Is the person LICENSED? To wax brows, you must be an Esthetician, a Hair Stylists or a Nail Technician. While hairdressers can wax eyebrows, they often times don’t have the set-up (adequate lighting, bed/chair, tools) to properly wax eyebrows.
  •  Do they use hard or soft wax? Many people don’t know the difference. Soft wax is traditionally what people are used to see during a waxing treatment. It is spread on the skin, a strip of muslin is then applied on top of the wax. Once the skin is pulled taut, the strip is pulled from the skin removing the hair and the wax. This type of wax adheres to both hair and skin and can cause lifting/tearing of the skin and causing skin sensitivity and possible damage to the eye lid. Hard wax, on the other hand, adheres to the hair only. It is applied to the skin, hardens, and then the wax is pulled from the area once it has hardened, or set up. I prefer the hard wax method for brows, as there is less room for error and the client doesn’t leave red and puffy. There is also less likelihood for ingrown hairs with hard wax.


  •   Are they sanitary? I am appalled at the number of hair salons or professional establishments that do not offer sanitary waxing practices. The professional should use sanitized implements (tweezers, scissors, etc.), and should NEVER, EVER under ANY circumstances double dip the wax stick into the pot. If they are not wearing gloves, you should physically see them sanitize their hands. I never use gloves to do facial waxing, but I will always, without fail, sanitize my hands before AND after a service. **IMPORTANT** A fresh applicator stick should be use EACH time it is dipped into the wax pot. While the wax is warm it is NOT hot enough to kill any virus or bacteria that can be transferred from the clients skin. If you see a person “double dip” this is NOT sanitary or hygienic, and violates health board rules and regulations. If you see an establishment that practice unsanitary waxing procedures, they should be reported to DOPL (Department of Professional Licensing) or the State of Utah Department of Health. Licensed professional know better, and were given their professional license based on their knowledge of safety and sanitation practices!
  • Does the price include shaping? Some estheticians or hair stylists will “wax” brows, but it is merely a “clean up” of the overgrowth of hair. A professional brow wax should include shaping, tweezing and trimming if necessary. Be sure to ask if the price includes all of these elements.DSC_1895
  •  I don’t recommend that people wax their own eyebrows, or wax the brows of others unless they are licensed professionals. There are home wax kits that you can purchase, but considerable care should be taken if using them. Wax that can be heated in a microwave, in the wrong hands, can seriously burn the tender skin of the brows if it is too hot. As a general rule of thumb, if you are going to use wax at home, test the wax temperature on the inside of your wrist, as if you are testing a baby bottle. If it’s hot to you, it’s too hot to use!

Eyelash illustration The image above is a general guideline for shaping eyebrows. Point A is where a brow should BEGIN. Point B is where the brow should ARCH. When looking straight ahead, the brow should arch on the OUTER edge of the eyeball. Point C (a 45 degree angle from point A) is where the brow should END. Point D is demonstrating that the beginning and end of the brow should match horizontally.

  • Don’t forget to have the lip and other facial hair taken care of as needed.

Jenifer has given us a WONDERFUL post on dying eyebrows too.  Click HERE   For any who live in the area, Jen is extremely good at her craft and  very affordable.  Jenifer Hoehne, Master Esthetician 801-726-0488 (Cell)

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2013

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today!