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Cards To Help Meals On Wheels Recipients

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Meals on Wheels


Cards To Help the Recipients of The Meals On Wheels Program is an incredible way to spend a few minutes of your time!

Sometimes we want to help, but wonder what can we do?

We may not have a lot of money to help, but still want to do something, right?

Maybe we don’t have the freedom to go to places to serve, but still want to make an impact, is that possible?

YES to all of these with if you have a couple of minutes here and there, can color and have access to a printer, or have some cards that will work.



First, what is this Meals On Wheels Program? 

Meals on Wheels is a national (USA) organization that has the focus of:

  • Serving the rapidly growing elderly population
  • Relieving the threat of isolation, hunger and limited mobility to those in need. 

It works like this:  Cities or counties are assigned a local office, which arranges for meals to be delivered to the home bound, elderly, or anyone who may need assistance in this manner. 

In most areas, a hot meal is delivered for lunch, with a sack-lunch type of meal being left for dinner. 

As I said, my friends and their family’s were thrilled with this service due to the situation they were in.

After more research, I found that many of the recipients of these meals live alone, and far too often, the only contact with people they have, are the drivers or deliverers of these meals during the week!  That’s so sad!

What can be done to help these people who are alone and with no one?

To address the isolation and loneliness felt by the many who receive these meals, greeting cards are delivered with the meals in my area.


Why color or purchase a card?

Because a card would mean some form of contact from another person who took the time to care. It would show that another human being actually put pen to paper and made time in their day for them!

WE could bring a smile, some comfort and encourage another person with just a little bit of effort.

If you’d like to make a difference for good and help out with Cards for Meals on Wheels, here’s how to start.

First off, it’s really EASY to do this.


HOW can WE get involved?

I wanted to help us all have some fun with these Cards for Meals on Wheels, as well as make them special. 

1- I had some great cards created just for you, that I am offering for free.

2- You can easily download them, simply print them off and color-in the cards for this Meals on Wheels project.

3- Your kids can be involved in a way they would look forward to serving a total stranger. You could get some friends together and make or color in the cards. You can relax and color in a card or two while watching tv; the possibilities are endless.

4- The point is, print off as many of the Cards for Meals on Wheels I have provided for you at your local copy store as you’d like to use, or do it on your home printer, and have some FUN!


These are the Cards for Meals on Wheels I had made just for you, so you can easily participate in this very worthwhile project.

HELLO Birdie card is HERE


KEEP SMILING Hot Air Balloon card is  HERE

THINKING OF YOU Mandela style card is HERE 


Now, if you’d rather purchase cards to write in, I really LIKE THESE  and they’d be perfect for this purpose.



However, if you want to make your own cards, this is the information you will need:

  • Cards must be generic for a man or woman.
  • No need for envelope
  • Cards should be 6″x8″ or smaller
  • Cards can be simple or ornate
  • Cards are not to be holiday or special occasion oriented, making them usable all year long
  • Purchased ‘thinking of you’ cards would be perfect
  • Do NOT personalize it in any form, such as happy birthday or themed in any way – such as holiday, etc.



What do I write inside the Cards for Meals on Wheels?

Here are some ideas of what can be written inside the card after it is colored in, or in a purchased one:

  • Thinking of You
  • Have a nice day
  • Keep that Awesome Smile Showing
  • Stopping by with a friendly hello from me to you
  • Bringing a Smile by to share with you today
  • Hope it’s wonderful in your corner of the world

Do not sign it please.  



What do I do with the Cards for Meals on Wheels after I make them?

  • Send cards to me if you do not have a Meals on Wheels office close by, or it is not convenient, or they are not asking for cards. 
  • Send cards directly to the Davis County Meals on Wheels office – information below
  • Send them to your own Meals on  Wheels agency -you will want to contact them first to make sure they are also in need of these cards.



I hope you, your family, friends, neighbors, church group, youth group, will get together and color up some cards.   You can see how I put this together for a neighborhood get-together and it turned out great.  Stan and I also colored some at home, and also at an outdoor free concert in the park:)  It’s fun and relaxing to serve while enjoying a bit of childhood or hobby. 

It’s a great way to learn how to think of others.  Practice being kind to those you do not know.  and become a better person as nothing is expected in return, except the gratification of bringing happiness to another.  

Office Manager
North Davis Senior Activity Center
Wendy 801-525-5080
Davis County Health Department

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow 2019

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