Patrotic Beaded Flip Flops

DIY Patriotic Flip Flops

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Patrotic Beaded Flip Flops

Patrotic Beaded Flip Flops

Have you ever made DIY Beaded Flip Flops? It’s a great way to beat the heat on your feet, bring style to your outfit and celebrate all things Patriotic.  Of course you can make these any time of year, in any color, but for this tutorial, we are thinking FIREWORKS!

These really east Patriotic beaded DIY Flip Flops shout Red, White and Blue!

They are simple and freehand, so you can make a straight line, or any design you choose; meaning you can’t go wrong and will turn out fabulous.

A terrific art to try, a family activity, girls day , or youth project. Please share with us how your turned out by sending me your picture of your DIY Patriotic Flip Flops to  Now go have some FUN with these!!!

DIY Patriotic Beaded Flip Flops


A Pair of flip flops with the plastic straps

Fishing line


Beads – tip:  make sure the needle(s) will fit through the bead as you choose the beads.Flip Flops

We used regular sewing needles because they were thin enough and strong. 

You will want to double the fishing line with a length as long as you can manage. 

Better less than more because the line will tangle.Flip Flops 1To begin, tie a large knot at the end of the fishing line and bring to the outside from the inside first.Flip Flops 2Go back to the inside and and stitch a few times about 1/4″ or so apart to give it support to the knot.Flip Flops 3

Begin by stringing the first bead on the outside strap and pulling the line throughFlip Flops 4Push the needle through the strap allowing just enough room for the bead and pull throughFlip Flops 5Repeat this step with the red bead, making any design or pattern you desire.  Flip Flops 6

It can be a straight row, or zig-zag or wavy. 

The only requirement is that you have fun with it.Flip Flops 7When you reach the end of the thread, tie if off by making a loop…Flip Flops 8Take your needle through the loopFlip Flops 9


And pull the thread to form a knot. 

Do a few zig-zag stitches through a previous hole used for a bead to make a strong knot.Flip Flops 10At the middle point, stay behind the post with your needle as shown here. 

It will look nicer and it’s too difficult to poke through anyway.Flip Flops 11Continue beading until both straps are decorated to your creative flair.Flip Flops 12

Flip Flops 13

And now you have a unique and stylish pair of flip flops!

Flip Flops 14

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014, 2018

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.


Crafty Embellished Notebook

DYI Embellished Notebook

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Crafty Embellished Notebook

DIY Embellished Notebook

Dorthy is helping us again! This notebook would be a great present for any occasion, depending on the paper you choose. Make one for every holiday and season!  An inexpensive, easy craft for teens, girls-day-out activity, a wonderful birthday or Mother’s Day gift – so many uses for yourself, or as a gift!  Mix and match papers from scraps you have and add a fun patterned pencil to make it even more special. 

DIY Covered Notebook

The complete supply list and detailed instructions follow, however, here are some pictures for a tutorial to help you along making your own covered notebooks.DYI Embellished Notebook 1Cut out the paper pieces as directed.DYI Embellished Notebook 2Cut one piece of printed ribbon 6: long.DYI Embellished Notebook 3Cut the remaining length into 4″ long pieces.DYI Embellished Notebook 4

Take the 6×6″ piece of paper and lay it face down against the wire rings

Mark each hole with a pencil mark.DYI Embellished Notebook 5Draw a line 1/8″ from the top of the paper at the pencil marksDYI Embellished Notebook 6Using a small hole punch (not the regular size), punch holes at each pencil mark.

Make a small slit with scissors from the edge of the paper to the the hole you punched. Continue across the paper.DYI Embellished Notebook 7Using a glue stick glue the paper to the front of the notebook, making sure the holes match.  Glue around the edge of the entire piece of paper.DYI Embellished Notebook 8

Carefully put in place, matching the holes of the paper to the rings on the notebook.DYI Embellished Notebook 9Use a pencil to push the paper down between the rings. DYI Embellished Notebook 10

And from the inside also.DYI Embellished Notebook 11Glue the 3.5″ x 6″ paper to the bottom of the notebook.DYI Embellished Notebook 12

Glue the 6″ piece of ribbon over the seam between the papers DYI Embellished Notebook 13

Press down to secure.DYI Embellished Notebook 14Glue on embellishment.
DYI Embellished Notebook 15Fold a 4″ piece of ribbon in half DYI Embellished Notebook 16

Slide the ribbon over the ring DYI Embellished Notebook 17

Forming a knot by pulling through the middle,DYI Embellished Notebook 18

Pull tight.DYI Embellished Notebook 19Arrange the ribbons so there is a bit of each ribbon pattern all the way across the top.

It is very useful to use a toothpick DYI Embellished Notebook 20

And put a small dab of glue under the ribbon knot to ensure they stay in place.

DYI Embellished Notebook 21Now you have a terrific gift for really any occasion!DYI Embellished Notebook 22

The supply list and complete instructions follow.

Thank you Dorthy again for another great craft!

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

Graduation DIY Card

DIY Graduation Card

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Drink Graduation Card

Drink Graduation Card

Have you been bombarded by graduation announcements? Need something inexpensive, unique and fun? I have the perfect solution for you!!! 

My very good friend Dorothy took a creative twist on the Sweet Thinking of You card and made a GRADUATION CARD out of it!  YES she DID! Inside the tube you can either put a PROPEL Drink Mix, then write inside: I know YOU will Propel to the TOP.  OR if you want to do something more, you can roll up MONEY* and slip it inside the tube!

It’s not complicated or hard, and Dorothy walks you through step-by-step, so click on over and let’s get started!

Graduation Gift Card


1 – 8 ½ “ X 5 ½ “ cardstock

2 – small brads

1 – 4” X 5 ¼” printed paper

Small hole punch

These measurements are for a PROPEL DRINK MIX or money:

1 – 3 ½ “ X 11” cardstock

1 – 1” X 3 ¾” cardstock

1 – 3” X 5” printed paper

1 – 3’ x 4 ¼” coordinating printed paper Scissors or paper cutter

1 – PROPEL drink mix packet or Money* to roll up and place in the tube



Cut out all pieces.

Fold cardstock in halfDrink Graduation Card 1Glue 4” X 5 ½” on front of card centering it.Drink Graduation Card 2On the back of the 4” X 5” piece of paper mark the center on the 4” sideDrink Graduation Card 3

Use the round punch and make a small notch on the center markDrink Graduation Card 4Run glue down the 5” edge. (only about ¼” wide)Drink Graduation Card 5Overlap the other side and glue into a tubeDrink Graduation Card 6Flatten the tube so that the notch is centeredDrink Graduation Card 7

Run glue down the center back and then one on each side. *If using money I would suggest gluing the BOTTOM end of the tube (without the rounded circle punched cut) so the money cannot fall out. Drink Graduation Card 8Glue on the card at an angle. Drink Graduation Card 9Slide PROPEL drink mix into tube OR the rolled up MONEY*Drink Graduation Card 10Print your greeting and glue onto 1” X 4” cardstock (I used catsup 18)   Shows wording for sweetens your day, but change it as directed for a graduate as shown at beginning of tutorial.Drink Graduation Card 11

Hold the paper over drink mix or money in the tube and punch holes for the brads.Drink Graduation Card 12Drink Graduation Card 13You will need to use an awl on the left side, as it is difficult to reach with a paper punch. Drink Graduation Card 14Put the brads in place, easy peasy and ready to gift! Drink Graduation Card 15

Place in the PROPEL drink mix OR rolled up money*, write in the card to personalize it, and there you have a very appreciated and unique gift!

*If you choose to put in money, I would secure it with a fancy paperclip, or glue the bottom of the tube so it will not fall out, as I mentioned above.

Graduation DIY Card

Graduation DIY Card

Created by Stan Groneman, Adapted by Dorthy for a graduation card, Copyright Carrie Groneman,  A Mother’s Shadow, 2014, 2016

Click HERE for the original post featuring drink mixes to cheer someones day. 

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

DIY Wedding Card

DIY Wedding/Bridal Shower Card

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DIY Wedding Card

DIY Wedding Card

With the wedding season upon us, here is a beautiful card you can make up quickly and very economically.     Easily make a few at a time to keep on hand for the next wedding reception or bridal shower you are invited to. 

Homemade Wedding/Bridal Shower Card

Supplies and directions listed below in an easy to print form, but here is a tutorial to help you with your project:DIY Wedding Card 1Cut out the paper pieces as instructed.Trace the heart from the pattern below onto your choice of patterned paper.  Though shown in red, adapt for wedding colors of your choice.DIY Wedding Card 2Fold the 4×11″ cardstock in half.

Center and glue the 3.5×5″ printed paper on the front of the card.

Glue the .5×4″ red cardstock, 2 inches from the bottom.   NOTE: Use care to ONLY glue the very sides of the band to the card.DIY Wedding Card 3

Glue the jewels on the edges of the band or brads.DIY Wedding Card 4With a small (not the regular size) hole punch make an opening in the top of the pattern.DIY Wedding Card 5Fold the ribbon in half and push the folded edge from the back to the front.DIY Wedding Card 6

Slide the heart through the band and glue the heart into place. EASY, economical and personalized.  DIY Wedding Card 7

DIY Wedding Card

Thank you Dorthy for sharing with us this very versatile card!

Here are the complete instructions, including the heart to trace:


Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

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Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

Better Skin DIY Facial

BEST All Season Natural Homemade Facial

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Better Skin DIY Facial

No Harsh Chemicals, only the BEST for your Skin!

Hoping to avoid expensive products and harsh chemicals on your skin? 

Looking for a way to tighten and make your face glow?

Need a pick-me-up?

Would you like to brighten your face and clean out the every day pollutants?

Want to use only natural ingredients on your skin?

I have the solution to all of these problems for you!

It’s my ‘Do It Yourself Facial’  It can pamper you on a budget while reducing wrinkles and improving elasticity while rejuvenating your pores.

It’s a year-round treatment!



BEST All Season Natural Homemade Facial

Do It Yourself Facial – Right At Home!

Winters that are cold, full of smog/pollution, and maybe a tad bit dreary.

Summers can clog our skin with sunscreens, repellents and sweat.

This homemade facial is a GREAT solution for any time of the year and the ingredients are readily available; making it easy and quick to put together.

Try this once a week or so before bed.  That way, after rinsing it off, it can continue to replenish the moisture that vanishes due to stress, the environment, make up – you know……..


 Here’s some information about the ingredients in this facial:

  Did you know that OATMEAL is amazing for many reasons?

  • It has properties to cleanse
  • It is a natural exfoliate to slough off the dead skin cells.
  • It cleans out pores which invigorates your skin to make it look bright and fresh.
  • It also reduces inflammation which is a primary cause for premature aging skin.


HONEY is excellent for your skin because:

  • It helps with acne to treat it and prevent it because it is a natural antibacterial.
  • It opens pores for deep cleaning of toxins
  • It slows down aging of the skin because it is full of antioxidants

It helps with acne to treat it and prevent it because it is a natural antibacterial.


OLIVE OIL is reported to make your skin softer and smoother and is a natural moisturizer.  A quality product (such as my links claim) will not leave a residue on your skin to clog pores.


Now, here is my recipe for this amazing DIY Homemade Facial

(click on the blue titles to see products)


1 Tbl. Honey

1 Tbl. Olive oil 

1 Tbl. Milk   (use water if you have allergies to milk or dairy products)

2 Tbl. Oatmeal, ground – you can use quick or regular oats, it doesn’t seem to matter the type 



In a small bowl combine the honey, olive oil and milk.

Mix together well.

Pulverize the oatmeal to a powder in a blender. DIY Facial 2

Till it looks like this:

DIY Facial 3In your small bowl, add to the liquid mixture,  2 Tbl, of the ground oatmeal and combine.DIY Facial 4Allow  the mixture to sit for 5-10 minutes so the oatmeal can soften in the liquid combination.DIY Facial 5

Apply mixture generously to the face and neck.

Rub gently in circular motions to massage; making sure to do all of your face and neck.

I like to also put a bit on my lips to exfoliate them.

DIY Homemade facial

Homemade Facial with natural ingredients

Now rinse your skin really well with warm water.  The water needs to be warm enough to dissolve the oil and honey, but not so warm it burns your skin. Pat dry and use your normal skin routine, or allow to sit and rejuvenate your skin. 

This is a terrific way to moisturize and soften your skin on a budget in all seasons.

Copyright of Carrie Groneman, 2014. 2018

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

Disclaimer: Try a bit of the mixture on a small area of your skin first to make sure you will not have a reaction, or any skin/or other problems. I am not responsible for any issues that may come from trying this homemade remedy, or complications related in any way as I am not a physician or dermatologist.