Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After…

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

 Is there a happily ever after? What can contribute to making it more of a reality? 

Too often young girls grow up fantasizing every detail of their wedding.  Their colors, their dress, and the life afterwards will be one of ease and much like that of home with her parents—–which is not reality. Young men are too often caught up playing video games, adventure and thrill seeking, or other distractions to focus on furthering their livelihood and potential as a husband and father. In my novel “A Mother’s Shadow”  Emily prepares for her future by learning to run a home, cook, sew, works hard to earn money and furthers her education.  Harry chooses a career and then is self disciplined to further his education on his own; much as we would by doing on-line courses for a high school or college degree. Why are these extra efforts vital?  Does it matter?  How can training be so important? Is it important for a young woman to plan for a career even if she wants to be a stay-at-home mom? Should a young gal look for a young man who cares about furthering his future and being able to take care of his prospective family, or just for his good looks?

First the young lady –

  •        A woman will have a much higher chance of making a wise choice in a husband when she has self confidence in her abilities and skills. This comes with education and learning.
  •        What if the perfect man doesn’t come along and the gal needs to get an apartment, pay the bills and live on her own? She’ll need to have a good paying job and an education is essential.
  •        What if the husband needs to continue his schooling after they are married?  She can work to put him through school if they feel that is the best solution.
  •        What if the husband becomes ill, or tragedy strikes?  The woman will need skills to fall back in order to support her family.
  •        Learn the essential skills of saving money.  Practical skills include:  cooking, sewing and basic mending, budgeting, gardening, cleaning and running a home.*

Now for the young man –

  •       The husband can support the family, allowing the mother to stay home IF that is the choice of the couple.
  •       The husband feels confident and more self-assured when he can take care of his wife and children.
  •       If the man has practical skills and know how, he can do side jobs to earn extra money as needed when unexpected expenses come up.
  •       Learning how to take care of basic repairs, such as: changing the oil in the car, basic plumbing, yard work or unclogging a drain, are money savers and enable him to take care of the home.*

(*Obviously girls and guys can learn all kinds of skills, and develop a variety of talents. There is no gender specific check box.) Let’s make a list of some of the benefits of earning a high school diploma/GED, completing a technical eduction and apprenticeship or obtaining a certificate, earning an associates, bachelors degree or any other additional schooling:

  • This is probably the most competitive job market ever in the history of the world.  The best prepared people generally win the best positions.
  • Pay is generally equal to what a person is qualified to do.
  • Educated people who apply themselves garner respect.
  • One’s self worth is enhanced when goals are achieved.
  • Competency develops a heightened sense of personal responsibility for self and family.
  • Proper training and the application of knowledge enables people to climb out of poverty and destitution.

But what if I can’t afford an education?

  • There are so many options available!  Call the local schools, community services and ask around.  It will amaze you how many options and avenues will open up to you with astounding possibilities to further your education.
  • One is Kahn Acadamy which offers on line classes for FREE!  Subjects include:  Math, Sci­ence, Eco­nom­ics and Finance, Arts and Human­i­ties, Com­put­ing, Test Prep, Coach and Resources = it’s free for any­one.  What a tremen­dous oppor­tu­nity!   Find out all about this amaz­ing site HERE This type of resource will help pass tests and course placements to reduce costs and time in school.

Making God first and foremost is essential for a couples long term success together.  Invite the Lords blessings to know what His will is.  Then, by doing what He directs, you will achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.  The happiness of accomplishment is enhanced tremendously when we accept divine direction from our Heavenly Father. So yes, life will – without a doubt – bring ups, downs, twists, turns and curve balls.  However, by having the proper priorities, setting and and achieving goals and preparing in every way to take responsibility and work hard, the pathway to wonderful times will open ahead of us and despite bumps in the road we can live ‘happily ever after‘! 

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2015

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today

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