How to, who to and why write a thank you card

How, Why and When to Write Thank You Cards for All Ages

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How to, who to and why write a thank you card

How, Why and When to Write a Thank You Card

he proper ay to write a thank you note.

How, Why and When to Write a Thank You Card for All Ages

What do you think about a handwritten card?

Is it worth the time and effort in this day of texts, emails, face-time chats and all the other technology offerings today?

Just recently I received a card in the mail, and it was handwritten by my friend Melinda.

Not long after, I received a handwritten card that was also hand made by my friend Natalie.

Imagine my delight in opening those two cards.

One that was special in that it was created just for me.  And the other containing kind words of encouragement and appreciation.

Those cards are beyond anything that money can buy.

WHY is a handwritten card so remarkable today with all that can be ordered, downloaded and delivered almost immediately?

WHY is a handwritten card so special when we can also receive emails, texts and calls; that are good, well-meaning and inspiring.

BECAUSE when a person takes a few minutes to write something to YOU, that takes the small and simple effort of writing a card or letter, you KNOW they are truly thinking of YOU.


In this area, I need to readily confess, my sister-in-law Ruthann is my example and guide in this area of writing Thank You notes.  She and her family write them regularly and often.

When my kids were young and growing up, I did much better at helping them get theirs off in the mail when a gift would arrive, or after a birthday or holiday.  I even did alright some years later delivering them to neighbors for kindnesses done and help given.  But the last years have taken their toll on my energy, time and drained me of focus on some important details – this being one of them.

So how about if we learn how to write cards together?

We can practice them often by following the steps below.

Then become a better person as we show and express gratitude to others.  I put out the challenge to write a thank you note once a week, and not to the same person in a six month time.  Let’s see how we can do:) 


I personally believe that when we sit down to write, we are unimpeded by electronic devices to interrupt our thoughts, or to quickly pull up a meme to ‘speak’ for us.  As we sit with a pen and paper, we can reach deep down, think about what we want to say and how we feel, then put it on paper and feel the sentiment and thankfulness to that person as we write.

It’s a connecting and emotional bond between you and the person you are writing to. 

1-It is a way to strengthen relationships as you write to them about what they did for you.  It shows that you are deliberate in how you thanking them.  It means a lot to all of us in this busy world we live in.  

2- They can physically hold and re-read your thoughtful note. Feel the emotion that would be a hand-shake, an embrace or a genuine smile as you express your gratitude.

3- As we write more thank you notes, we feel more appreciative, more in-tune with our many blessings, and that makes us more joyful.  We are present and mindful of what we feel, what we are grateful for and the handwritten note is more meaningful because of this act. 

4- A big condition to writing a thank you note is not to expect anything in return.  Remember, this is about them, and helping them feel better about what they did.  You may never, ever hear from the person you thanked, and that’s OK!  Keep in mind this process is making us better and bringing us happiness to pass on to those around us – what could be a greater reward than that!?!


Are you ready?

The polite and proper EASY way to write a thank you note

How, Why and When to Write a Thank You Card for All Ages

Card to write a note of thank you and gratitude

The Purpose of How, Why and When to Write a Thank You Card for All Ages:

This is a really simple, but it’s important, it’s called KINDNESS.

We are going to write a THANK YOU CARD!

You know, to tell someone thanks for_______whatever________.

There are a billion reasons to say how grateful we are for a kindness and it’s never too late to express it!

Sometimes we may not always know what to say, or wonder where to start; so let’s get the how’s, why’s – and the WHEN is NOW.

How to easily serve others and show kindness

It’s So Simple with these 5 EASY Steps!

You only need TWO Supplies-

Paper and Pen, or whatever you prefer to write with.

  • I like a good pen that dries quickly, doesn’t skip and writes smooth.  THESE look to be a great fit. I like how many come in a package – mine always seem to ‘borrowed’ by my kids or grand kids. Having good pens set aside for this purpose is a really good idea so we don’t procrastinate.  
  • I have a free download Thank You card you can send HERE
  • A free download color-in Thank you card for your boys to send HERE
  • A free download color-in Thank you card for your girls to send HERE
  • My friend Natalie makes handmade cards that anyone would be proud to send and thrilled to receive.  You can find Natalie HERE 
  • Or if you’d prefer to order cards online, you might like THIS or THIS STYLE





  • Anyone of course!
  • Someone who helped you out
  • Anyone who could use cheering up
  • The mail carrier
  • A friend you haven’t seen in years
  • A neighbor who took in your garbage can for you
  • Someone who brought in a meal
  • Someone who shared a treat at work
  • Think of someone who made a difference in your life for good
  • Anyone who did anything positive!




  • Make sure you have the spelling correct of the names.  It’s so easy with social media to look it up.  Call your mom or grandparents if you can’t find it. Also, use the proper title when appropriate such as –
  1. Hi Uncle______
  2. Hello Aunt______
  3. Dear Grandma______
  4. Etc.  It’s really nice to have some recognition, and a little formality in its proper place. 




Phrases like these are perfect, to make sure the person KNOWS what you are expressing gratitude or thanking them for in this note; that’s the point, right:) 

  • You really made my day when….
  • I want to say how much I appreciate…..
  • Thank you for…….
  • It meant so much to me……




  • Let the person know you miss them
  • Tell them what an inspiration they have been to you
  • Tell them what a difference _____ has made (for good here) in your life
  • Thank them for the time they took to teach you in school, to cook, to learn to change the oil in your car, to fix the chain on your bike, in a 4-H club or other youth organization.  Time is precious and that they gave it up for you is a treasure.
  • If they gave you a gift, let them know how you will use it
  • If you stayed with them, be sure to thank them for their hospitality 
  • Thank someone for listening to you, taking time from their day to be with you, for being a friend
  • This list could go on for pages, but this is a springboard to hopefully get you thinking




These closings are generally acceptable in most situations –

  • Sincerely 
  • Many thanks 
  • Kind Regards
  • Friends

Other closings to consider as appropriate –

  • Yours truly
  • Warmly
  • Love
  • Affectionately 
  • Friends Forever
How to easily serve others and show kindness

Card to write a note of thank you and gratitude

That’s it, 5 easy steps to make a huge impact on someone else’s life, and you will be amazed at the enjoyment it brings to yours along the way.

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2019

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today


Washi Tape Decorated Cards

Washi Tape Decorated Cards

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Washi Tape Decorated Cards

Washi Tape Decorated Cards

Using Washi tape you find in the craft store, you can quickly and economically personalize note cards for any occasion!       Washi Tape is very economical, and a little goes a llooonnnggg way.

Washi Tape Decorated Cards


Washi Tape Card and Envelope Set

Flowers or Embellishments

Glue Dots to adhere embellishments to cardCard Set 2Directions: Simply apply the tape in any fashion you desire to decorate the cardsCard Set 3When finished with your design, trim the tape close to the cardCard Set 4

Adhere the flowers or embellishments to the cards, using the glue dotsCard Set 5Now you have a fabulous gift set OR cards to use yourself!Card Set 6Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today

DIY Washi Tape Covered Frame

Wasabi Frame

Washi Tape Frame

My sweetie Stan was so accommodating to help me with this tutorial that is just for you.

What a TERRIFIC gift that is so simple and inexpensive.

Personalize this frame for Mother’s Day, a baby shower, Father’s Day, a bridal shower/wedding gift (wedding colors and for the embellishment put the name or first letter), graduation gift (the year and school colors), the uses are endless!

Washi Tape Covered Frame


Any wooden frame, I found this at the craft store on sale for about $3

Washi Tape – there are tons of colors and prints. I bought this 2 tape set, again for about $3 on sale. *note: these 2 little rolls covered this frame.

A stationary card set, a dozen gift tags and I still have some left. It goes much further than you’d expect.

Xacto Knife & cutting board

Mod Podge Sponge Brush

Decorative flowers or embellishments

Hot Glue & GunFrame 1


Evenly place tape across the frame If using another pattern of tape, place it directly next to the other strip of tape Continue this method all the way across the frame, using care to keep straight lines Frame 2

Until the surface is completely coveredFrame 4

Lay the frame upside down on a cutting board and with the Xacto knife, carefully trim the inside. Frame 5

And outside edges of excess tape along frame edgesFrame 6

Until it is all trimmed.Frame 7

Lay your frame, right-side up on a paper towel and with a foam sponge brush spread an even coat over the entire tape covered frame and a bit on the edge. This will protect the surface and keep the tape from coming up.Frame 8


When the Mod Podge has dried completely, embellish as desired.  I used a hot glue gun to attach flowers.Wasabi Frame


Thank you Stan for helping me with this awesome tutorial!

Copyright Carrie Groneman,  A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

Graduation DIY Card

DIY Graduation Card

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Drink Graduation Card

Drink Graduation Card

Have you been bombarded by graduation announcements? Need something inexpensive, unique and fun? I have the perfect solution for you!!! 

My very good friend Dorothy took a creative twist on the Sweet Thinking of You card and made a GRADUATION CARD out of it!  YES she DID! Inside the tube you can either put a PROPEL Drink Mix, then write inside: I know YOU will Propel to the TOP.  OR if you want to do something more, you can roll up MONEY* and slip it inside the tube!

It’s not complicated or hard, and Dorothy walks you through step-by-step, so click on over and let’s get started!

Graduation Gift Card


1 – 8 ½ “ X 5 ½ “ cardstock

2 – small brads

1 – 4” X 5 ¼” printed paper

Small hole punch

These measurements are for a PROPEL DRINK MIX or money:

1 – 3 ½ “ X 11” cardstock

1 – 1” X 3 ¾” cardstock

1 – 3” X 5” printed paper

1 – 3’ x 4 ¼” coordinating printed paper Scissors or paper cutter

1 – PROPEL drink mix packet or Money* to roll up and place in the tube



Cut out all pieces.

Fold cardstock in halfDrink Graduation Card 1Glue 4” X 5 ½” on front of card centering it.Drink Graduation Card 2On the back of the 4” X 5” piece of paper mark the center on the 4” sideDrink Graduation Card 3

Use the round punch and make a small notch on the center markDrink Graduation Card 4Run glue down the 5” edge. (only about ¼” wide)Drink Graduation Card 5Overlap the other side and glue into a tubeDrink Graduation Card 6Flatten the tube so that the notch is centeredDrink Graduation Card 7

Run glue down the center back and then one on each side. *If using money I would suggest gluing the BOTTOM end of the tube (without the rounded circle punched cut) so the money cannot fall out. Drink Graduation Card 8Glue on the card at an angle. Drink Graduation Card 9Slide PROPEL drink mix into tube OR the rolled up MONEY*Drink Graduation Card 10Print your greeting and glue onto 1” X 4” cardstock (I used catsup 18)   Shows wording for sweetens your day, but change it as directed for a graduate as shown at beginning of tutorial.Drink Graduation Card 11

Hold the paper over drink mix or money in the tube and punch holes for the brads.Drink Graduation Card 12Drink Graduation Card 13You will need to use an awl on the left side, as it is difficult to reach with a paper punch. Drink Graduation Card 14Put the brads in place, easy peasy and ready to gift! Drink Graduation Card 15

Place in the PROPEL drink mix OR rolled up money*, write in the card to personalize it, and there you have a very appreciated and unique gift!

*If you choose to put in money, I would secure it with a fancy paperclip, or glue the bottom of the tube so it will not fall out, as I mentioned above.

Graduation DIY Card

Graduation DIY Card

Created by Stan Groneman, Adapted by Dorthy for a graduation card, Copyright Carrie Groneman,  A Mother’s Shadow, 2014, 2016

Click HERE for the original post featuring drink mixes to cheer someones day. 

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.