Two types of family trees to choose from to fill-in

EASY Way to Fill In YOUR Family Tree!

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Two types of family trees to choose from to fill-in

FREE Fill-in Family Tree for anyone of all ages and stages of life

FREE Fill-In Family History Tree Templates to Download

We all need roots to feel we have a foundation to grow from.  A base, such as a solid stem or trunk, to gain strength as we face challenges in life.  Branches to reach for lofty heights and extend to do good.  Our family tree helps us individually see the many talents, abilities and life-lessons we can gain as we learn about our family.

That’s why in our Learn-Practice-Become we are filling our a Family Tree for our self.  Then with our children and grandchildren if we have them. 



Do you know many of the details about your family?

What they look like, maybe when they were younger?

Do you resemble them physically?

Do you know where they were born?


WHY is this even important? 

Because as we learn about our family, we practice one of the most important responsibilities we have. That of connecting our past to the present and the future.  It helps us become our very best as we understand more about our relationships, our culture and more about the people we are related to. 


HOW can we accomplish this, or even begin?

It’s very simple!

I have created two FREE Fill In Family History Tree templates for you to choose from so you can easily ‘see’ your family!

If you choose the template with pictures, you begin by putting in your picture, name and birth date.

Then your mom’s picture and her name and birth date.

Next your dad’s picture and his birth date.

On to your mom’s mother’s picture – which would be your grandmother’s picture and her information, and so on.

See how straightforward!

One Family Tree template includes pictures as a download, one is to be pasted in or drawn in, and both are Editable/Fill-In. 


What is the purpose of a Family Tree?

It helps us learn about those who are related to us in a visual way; putting people together like a puzzle with faces, dates and understanding how we are related.

Such as these questions: 

  • Do you know your grandparents? 
  • Do you have pictures of them?
  • What information do you have for your parents?
  • Do you know when they were born or how did they meet?
  • What are your great-grandparents like? 
  • Where they are from?

These are all important bits of information that add up and can help you become a better person and understand more about yourself.


How does filling out a Family Tree help your family? 

As your children understand their relationships with the present, they feel a foundation in their life.  They connect with the past, which most often brings a stronger identity, resulting in more self confidence and resilience in their present attitude and outlook.



 Two Easy FREE Fill-In Family Tree with or without Pictures Template

Now to choose from two different Free Family Trees that I have created for you.  Each begins with the child, to the parents and then the grandparents on both sides so it isn’t overwhelming, but gets the information started and the curiosity going.

Though it shows a child in the example, it is intended for any age, and every stage of life.


A little more before getting started of  WHY family history is so important for your kids, teens and you.

I really like these quotes to help us understand why learning about our family is worthwhile and significant:

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” —Marcus Garvey

  • Eighty families (were interviewed), including both parents and children, to see how much they knew about their own family’s history. Among the questions: Do you know where some of your grandparents grew up? Do you know the source of your name? Do you know some of the illnesses and injuries that your parents experienced when they were younger? The result? The more children knew about the previous generations of their family, the higher their self-esteem and basically, the happier they were.  (Source:


  • In the preteen years, children whose families collaboratively discuss everyday events and family history more often have higher self-esteem and stronger self-concepts. And adolescents with a stronger knowledge of family history have more robust identities, better coping skills, and lower rates of depression and anxiety. Family storytelling can help a child grow into a teen who feels connected to the important people in their life.  (Source:


  • Many people desire to know where they come from, but a sense of belonging is especially important for children and youth. A knowledge about their family history gives children of all ages a sense of their place in the world. It can also give young people something to live up to—a legacy to respect. Family history also provides an opportunity for children and teenagers to make a meaningful contribution to something bigger than themselves. This lesson provides ideas about how to involve children and youth in family history activities. Children and youth who develop an interest in family history are more likely to participate in family history throughout their lives.  You will find a great wealth of information on this site (Source: ttps://


BECOME better by actually DOING this!:)


1- THIS FREE TEMPLATE is editable and fill-in.  Simply help your child, or do it yourself, to type in the names and dates as you find them using the editable or fill-in feature.  Print it out and glue or draw in the face of the person who’s name is below the circle.  

This can also be printed and written on the lines, without using the editable or fill-in feature. 

Two types of family trees to choose from to fill-in

FREE Fill-in Family Tree for anyone of all ages and stages of life

2-  THIS FREE TEMPLATE WITH PICTURES is also editable and fill-in, done with Canvait does not require a paid account to use this template. 

HERE are the instructions for this 2nd style of Family Tree 


Two types of family trees to choose from to fill-in

FREE Fill-in Family Tree for anyone of all ages and stages of life

b) HERE are the very easy detailed instructions for this Free Template with Pictures, along with the Family Tree.  It includes step-by-step instructions and pictures so you can easily make this Family Tree.


c) AND you can visit my YouTube Channel HERE where I have a video titled: Family Tree Instructional Video to walk you through these instructions!

Two types of family trees to choose from to fill-in

FREE Fill-in Family Tree instructions for anyone of all ages and stages of life


Steps To EASILY Search Your Family Tree


Step 1 –

Click HERE to go to and you will find  the area titled: FAMILY TREE


Step 2 –

Click on the title: FAMILY TREE  or HERE


Step 3 –

Type in your name and information and keep adding to the name of the nearest deceased relative.  FamilySearch will do an automatic search for the deceased person to see if that person has already been added to FamilySearch.  If they have been added previously, you just need to click “add”.  If not, you will need to create a “new” person.


Step 4 –

Once that person’s name comes up, click on that person to see information to add to it, or see what’s there!


If nothing appears then you get to start your very own Family Tree right there on Family Search if you’d like!


You can read more about Family History in my first of this series: You Learn More About Yourself By Doing This!

Another wonderful resource for Genealogy is Rachel’s beginners guide to Genealogy:


Family History is truly one of the greatest adventures of self discovery we will set out on.   

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2019

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

Does The Past Really Affect Me?

You Learn More About Yourself By Doing This!

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Does The Past Really Affect Me?

What Can I Learn About myself from doing Family History?

Isn’t it amazing how popular those DNA tests are?!?

They definitely have a place and use, but what about the ‘real’ people in your background?

What are their stories? 

How do their experiences and choices affect you?

How can you learn about them?

Consider your parents, your grandparents, even your great-grandparents for a moment. 

Do you think their trials they endured, the hardships they went through, the joys that touched and sustained them; the life they lived, could possibly influence your behavior?

This ripple affect of ones choices and actions hadn’t occurred to me until I was in my late teenage years.

I then began to clearly see how absolutely critical it is that we look to the future as we make our significant and important decisions that will affect not only ourselves, but our immediate family, our future family and even our posterity. 

It really does matter what choices we make and what goals we strive for.

Later when my kids were a bit older and in school, I made a family history book that included pictures and each persons story in their own writing when possible. 

As I researched and went further back on the generations, again with pictures or drawings and stories drawn from writings or letters, my Uncle Bud (Joseph) was indispensable in working with me to go back into the 1600’s in this style of a book.

I learned so much about my immediate family!

Details I never knew.

Such as suffering, troubles and burdens that were overcome.  I lean on this often when I face my own ordeals, remembering that others I am related to, have walked difficult paths.  I have learned much from their successes and failures, but look to their example and remember we are family.

You might not have the time for a family book such as that, but you can learn a lot about your self by getting to know something about your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents?


WHAT do I need to find out?

  • As you learn the names of these family members, you might find that one goes by a different name than their given name.
  • You find out the dates of birth years and death years if applicable.
  • You will learn the exact locations of where each came from—-meaning where you are really from.


HOW will it change me?

It’s the CULTURE you will discover that really helps you discover WHO you are.

I have a wonderful journal that you can download to print and practice learning more about yourself and those you are related to.

As you take the time to fill this simple journal out, you will be amazed at the person you will become.

HOW will it change you?

  • You will discover so much about yourself as you learn about your family!
  • It will help you immeasurably as you decide what paths to follow and traits take on and practice.
  • And as you learn more about your immediate and extended family, it will guide you as you become the best person you want to emulate.


WHY is it worth my time?

A wonderful article  Why We Need Family History Now More Than Ever  helps explain What Learning Your Family History Teaches YOU About Yourself says it “can be a powerful antidote against adverse life experiences that we face today” and addresses:

  • Knowing our cultural background and Core Identity helps in understanding who we are as a person.
  • The importance of Connecting with those in our present, our past and our future; as it fulfills an innate need we all have, as well as forming powerful relationships.
  • As we learn about our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents and the trials and struggles they faced, we become more Compassionate towards all people; which is a tremendous talent.
  • We can learn to be more Resilient when we learn about the hardships and disappointments they overcame, or succumbed to.  Important life lessons can be learned from their successes and failures.
  • Our Self Worth becomes more clear as we see God’s hand in our life and that of our family through the recent generations as we learn their stories and understand more how valuable each and every person is in His sight.


May I suggest that we are linked to our family members, those living, and those who are deceased, much as a thread. As we search through our family generations, we can see how they bring their own unique talents, skills, abilities and knowledge for us to learn from, adding in their threads.  Combining threads to make our tapestry exquisite and more valuable as it grows.

As one person, one beautiful thread, we are weak and can easily be unraveled.  However when woven together, with our relatives showing their colorful, distinctive and exceptional threads in their own right, our tapestry gains strength and cannot be unraveled.  We, our own thread, are now secure, have a place, and continue on as we learn and  understand our own special family and their history.



To explain how family history can give a loose thread, a person a place to belong and an understanding of life, my friend, whom I will call ‘L’ is allowing me to share her story:


Why I do family history by ‘L’

I came from a battered and broken family.

My father raised me in a very remote area away from most of civilization. My life was shattered when he died when I was only eleven years old. I never really felt like I fit in after that. I struggled socially and emotionally. I lived with a sister, and later friends, but something was always missing in my life.

One day when I was about fifteen I came across some records my father had kept.

It listed my aunts and uncles and grandparents. They were all deceased, my father had been the youngest, but that tiny bit of information started me looking for my family. 

It took years but with each bit of information I became more comfortable with myself and my family as I came to know them.

When life was rough I could immerse myself in my family history.

Through this I came to ‘know’ my grandmother and grandfather. I felt their suffering as I learned about the places they had lived, the work they had done and the deaths that struck the family. The big successes and tragedies were occasionally recorded in newspapers; most of the story is found in the small amount of information recorded on such things as marriage licenses, birth and death certificates, censuses and land deeds. Little things like who lived in the house, was the home rented or owned, what work they did, and where they lived. I put all the little pieces together and a story began to emerge. One that brought me understanding and peace.

Through the years I have grown to love a family I never met and I feel sure that they love me too.

I now know who I am and feel confident about my place in this world.

‘L’ concludes with this profound statement and warning to us all about what we leave, and why we need to search out our living and deceased relatives:

When a person dies a library of knowledge vanishes.






Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2017, 2019

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.