A treat cup for kids and adults for Thanksgiving made to look like a Pilgrims hat from a paper cup

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Treat Cups

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A treat cup for kids and adults for Thanksgiving made to look like a Pilgrims hat from a paper cup

Pilgrim Hats made out of paper cups and embellishments

These Thanksgiving Pilgrim Treat Cups are perfect for the Thanksgiving kids table.

Simply fill with crayons, pretzels, popcorn, goldfish, colored pencils – the options are limitless.

Or as a take-home gift for your guests. Fill with candy or chocolate as a thank you. 

This craft is easy, quick and very inexpensive to whip up to make the holiday festive and fun for everyone.

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Treat Cups


Black paper cups

Ribbon 3/4″-1″, or your preference

Gold card stock

Black card stock paper

Glue gun



Find a bowl or something round as a template that suits your size.

Pilgrim CupsUse this as a guide 
Pilgrim Hat 3

And cut a circle out of the black card stock paper.

Pilgrim HatMeasure the paper cup to the level you desire, depending on what you are going to fill the Pilgrim hat-cups with and mark.

Using an exact-o knife, or pierce with the end of a pair of scissors  and cut all the way around.

Pilgrim CupAssemble these items: 

Make a buckle out of the gold card stock, the cup, cut circle, ribbon that fits around cup and a glue gun.
Pilgrim Hat

Using care to glue towards the inside of the cup so it doesn’t ooze to the outside and make it messy.Pilgrim Hat

Glue the bottom of the cup.

Attach cup to the card stock circle.

Pilgrim Hat


Put a spot of glue on the back seam and attach the edge of the ribbon. 

Glue in spots as you wrap it around the cup.  

Pilgrim Hat Decoration

Glue at the seam to match the other end.

Pilgrim Hat DecorationGlue the buckle onto the front.Pilgrims Hat DecorationFill as you wishPilgrim Hats Decoration

Works very well for a Kids Thanksgiving Table filled with crayons, snacks and treats to keep them busy and having fun while the adults fix food and visit. 

Pilgrim Cups


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