Patrotic Beaded Flip Flops

DIY Patriotic Flip Flops

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Patrotic Beaded Flip Flops

Patrotic Beaded Flip Flops

Have you ever made DIY Beaded Flip Flops? It’s a great way to beat the heat on your feet, bring style to your outfit and celebrate all things Patriotic.  Of course you can make these any time of year, in any color, but for this tutorial, we are thinking FIREWORKS!

These really east Patriotic beaded DIY Flip Flops shout Red, White and Blue!

They are simple and freehand, so you can make a straight line, or any design you choose; meaning you can’t go wrong and will turn out fabulous.

A terrific art to try, a family activity, girls day , or youth project. Please share with us how your turned out by sending me your picture of your DIY Patriotic Flip Flops to  Now go have some FUN with these!!!

DIY Patriotic Beaded Flip Flops


A Pair of flip flops with the plastic straps

Fishing line


Beads – tip:  make sure the needle(s) will fit through the bead as you choose the beads.Flip Flops

We used regular sewing needles because they were thin enough and strong. 

You will want to double the fishing line with a length as long as you can manage. 

Better less than more because the line will tangle.Flip Flops 1To begin, tie a large knot at the end of the fishing line and bring to the outside from the inside first.Flip Flops 2Go back to the inside and and stitch a few times about 1/4″ or so apart to give it support to the knot.Flip Flops 3

Begin by stringing the first bead on the outside strap and pulling the line throughFlip Flops 4Push the needle through the strap allowing just enough room for the bead and pull throughFlip Flops 5Repeat this step with the red bead, making any design or pattern you desire.  Flip Flops 6

It can be a straight row, or zig-zag or wavy. 

The only requirement is that you have fun with it.Flip Flops 7When you reach the end of the thread, tie if off by making a loop…Flip Flops 8Take your needle through the loopFlip Flops 9


And pull the thread to form a knot. 

Do a few zig-zag stitches through a previous hole used for a bead to make a strong knot.Flip Flops 10At the middle point, stay behind the post with your needle as shown here. 

It will look nicer and it’s too difficult to poke through anyway.Flip Flops 11Continue beading until both straps are decorated to your creative flair.Flip Flops 12

Flip Flops 13

And now you have a unique and stylish pair of flip flops!

Flip Flops 14

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Mountain Man Trapper

Mountain Men Rendezvous of the 1830s

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Mountain Man Trapper

Life of a Trapper in the 1800’s

Do you know the reason for the Mountain Men Rendezvous?  Do you know who went to them? Do you know how long it lasted?  I have these answers and SSSOOO much more that you are going to be amazed!

MM001        There were approximately sixteen Mountain Men Rendezvous.MM002The Rendezvous were held once a summer during the time of lowest trapping.  MM004

Trapping was a a chance for an adventurous man to make some money really quick, which could pose some interesting problems.  One being that most had never had much and to suddenly be flush with disposable income were not always wise.  Second, if they were not careful they could be taken advantage of with jacked up prices and lose all they had made during the trapping season.  However,  a few who were wise made enough to actually begin very successful businesses and become quite wealthy.  MM005The fur trading companies out of St. Louis hired men to travel to the remote area in new territory and be the middle men taking supplies to sell to the trappers and purchasing the hides to bring back to the fur companies.  The Indians in the area were the main source for the pelts until Europe was trapped out and large amounts of money could be made; adventurous men also began to trap.  MM006MM007Supplies of all kinds needed to be brought at the trappers lived in unsettled and untamed territory.   A person would purchase a pair of shoes and wear it on the same foot until it was broken in and molded to that foot; making a right and left shoe.MM010Beads from Venice and the Czech Republic were the most valuable and sought after.MM008

The middle men made the most money as a general .MM003  The beaver meat was used to eat and preserve.MM009To be accepted in any level of society for men, women and military had to wear felt hats.  Because of this social stigma for all adults, and felt being made from the underside of the beaver fur, made it a precious commodity and of such value.  The hair was shipped to Paris, Germany, London and  Prague.  The hide was used to make glue.  The meat is rich and delicious (at least that is what I was told!)

MM011This is the inside of the bullet mold.  A gun would come with its own mold to make the bullets with.MM0012MM013











Rawhide was cut into long strips and used for lashing poles together and primitive type back packs.  Tanned leather was used for shoes, latches on doors, hats, sheathes and such as that.MM025





MM028It was certainly a different type of life from today. The mountain men discovered new areas and their trails opened the way for later settlers.


Would you like to know about the TINSMITH or the PRINTER or the BARBER & DENTIST or GAMES PIONEERS PLAYED – simply click on each title and you will find pictures and more great information!

I have LOTS more in my LOST ART OF FAMILY HISTORY you might enjoy also!


The pictures and information were all possible because of “This Is The Place” in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a must see if you are in the area. The people working there are knowledgeable and so friendly. Their site is:

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