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Soda Tab Jewelry

Soda Pop Tab Jewelry

Recycle and Re-Purpose!    What a GREAT craft project.  We asked neighbors to collect their pop tabs to show you how to make necklaces, headbands, key chains, bracelets – the sky’s the limit to what you can create!    
You can use ribbon of your choice; a terrific way to use up those extra pieces. These are for guys and gals alike. My daughter Delsi was so kind to learn to do this just for YOU.  So grab some pop tabs, ribbon and accessorize, make these up for gifts, girls night out, or anything your heart desires. 

Soda Pop Tab Jewelry
Supplies for Bracelet, Necklace or Headband: Soda pop tabs, approximately 20+ depending on your project
Ribbon, 1/4″ – 1/2″.    3 times the circumference of your wrist  

Directions:Soda Tab Jewelry 1This is the pattern of the soda can tops to make the jewelry.Soda Tab Jewelry 2Start by weaving the ribbons through the soda tabs, leaving about 4″ – 8″ inches at one end for tying.Soda Tab Jewelry 3

Lay another tap ON TOP of the one with the ribbon woven throughSoda Tab Jewelry 4Weave ribbon through both tabsSoda Tab Jewelry 5It will look like thisSoda Tab Jewelry 6

Soda Tab Jewelry 7The next tab will be placed UNDERNEATH the previous tab

Here is another view as you continue weavingSoda Tab Jewelry 8Side view of the weavingSoda Tab Jewelry 9Remember you alternate the tabs ON TOP to weave the ribbon, then UNDERNEATH the previous tab to weave the ribbon.Soda Tab Jewelry 10Pull through the back side as shown here.Soda Tab Jewelry 11

When you reach the desired length, go through the ends of the soda tab without adding another soda can top.Soda Tab Jewelry 12

To finish tie the ribbon ends in a knot to secure.
To wear, tie the ribbons in a loose knot or bow.Soda Tab Jewelry 13
For the key chain at the beginning, leave room for a loop, tie a knot and continue as directed above.Soda Tab Jewelry 14

Thank you Delsi for doing this tutorial for us!
Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014
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