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Halloween Wreath

Halloween Wreath

Here is a fun, inexpensive and quick Halloween wreath for your door.
 I love how easily it can be stored from year to year, and looks great when you pull it out.
You could even put a dowel through one end and use it as a decorative grave marker, as some like to decorate for each season for their loved ones.

I’ll show you how to make this FAST this makes up with my  easy to follow tutorial.

Quick & Easy Halloween Wreath
*To make it easy, I have shopped for you. You can click on each name/title to go right to the item! 
1 1/2 spools of orange tulle (25 yards each spool)
1/2 spool of black tulle (25 yard spool)
10″ straw, foam or grape vine wreath
Optional: Ribbon or additional tulle for hanging on door or wall
Decoration to hang in the middle
spiders to glue in tulle nettingHalloween Wreath 1

Cut orange tuelle into approximately 33″ lengths. You will need 40-50 pieces depending on desired amount.Halloween Wreath 2Take one length of tulle and fold it in half, holding each end with a hand.Halloween Wreath 3Take the folded tuelle underneath the wreath.
Hold the folded end in the center, the loose ends closest to you…Halloween Wreath 4

Now, bring the loose ends up through the folded end….Halloween Wreath 5Pull to tighten the knot to the wreath. Do this uniformly all around the wreath, moving them to spread out evenly as needed.Halloween Wreath 6Randomly tie on black tulle, also cut to 33″ lengths, to your desired taste.
Tie a bow with your contrasting tuelle or ribbon in a cute bow as shown here, or simply around the wreath in a length long enough to hang at an desired place on your door or wall.Halloween Wreath 7

Nothing scary here!

Just a fast, thrilling wreath you can hang with pride.

If you want to decorate a loved ones grave for the holiday, see how to do this at the end of the post HERE
Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2013
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