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Orange Bowl Bird Feeder

bird feeder made from a hollowed out orange peel, then filled with seeds

Easy way to feed the birds while using up rest of the breakfast! Great kids craft, for the family, youth group or elderly activity too! #assistedliving #elderlycraft #kidscraft #birdfeeder #outdoorcraft

It’s time to feed the birds and this is a great bird feeder that is natural, uses the peel we usually don’t eat, and gives the birds a complete treat to eat.

This Orange Bowl Bird Feeder is easy and so fun for kids and also for adults.

If you’re looking for a few more ideas, try this ICE CREAM CONE FEEDER [1] or these TWO SUMMER FEEDERS and DIY BINOCULARS [2] 

So let’s get started!



Orange – look for a nice thick skinned one without blemishes that would affect this project, such as mold, soft spots, ect.

BBQ, Kitchen or Craft Skewers.  I used 12″ wooden ones like THESE [3] (but look at a pack of 100, unless you need 300)

Bird seed [4] 

Twine, string, yarn, or whatever you’d like to use to hang the ORANGE BOWL BIRD FEEDER with



Start by scooping out and using the oranges as you talk to the kids about healthy eating and why oranges are so yummy and good for our body’s.

More options for using the orange segments:


Let’s make it

Now it’s time to start the ORANGE BOWL BIRD FEEDER fun using ingredients usually put to waste?

Begin by scooping out all of the pulp. The kids can do this with adult supervision using a heavy duty plastic spoon.

After most of the pulp was out, giving space for the bird seed, I found it was easier to place the skewers in, cross-wise about mid way from the top to the bottom of the orange at this point before putting in the side.  Placing the skewers in this position as shown in the picture, gives balance when the seeds give the orange bowl some weight.

Easy way to feed the birds while using up rest of the breakfast! Great kids craft, for the family, youth group or elderly activity too! #assistedliving #elderlycraft #kidscraft #birdfeeder #outdoorcraft



Time to hang it up

Put the seeds into a small cup and let the kids, or adults, pour the seeds into the ORANGE BOWL BIRD FEEDER, shaking the orange a bit to help get the seeds under the skewers.

Now cut the lengths of the twine, yarn or whatever you are using to tie onto the skewers to hang the feeder.  If you’re not sure where, or how they will hang, it’s best to go longer and cut or tie up shorter when adjusting on the tree, fence, post, etc, than having to start over on this part.

Because it is a bowl, it can tip, so two are better than one on this to hang, in my opinion anyway:)

One to hold in place of the length and place of where it is desired to hang, and the other person to adjust the length of the strings.

There you have a wonderful way to watch the birds with your fully used-up ORANGE BOWL BIRD FEEDER!


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