How to participate in giving a child a Christmas

Christmas Shoe Box for a Child

TIME SENSITIVE!!!  November 18-25, 2019

Operation Christmas Child Fill A Shoe Box

Have you ever received a gift?

A Christmas gift?

More than one gift?

Did the gift come from someone you knew?

Most likely was it from a relative, a parent or a friend.

Can you imagine not ever having had your own present?

Something of your very own?

Then a stranger, or a family you didn’t know from far away, sent you a gift!


Because they cared and wanted to share.


That is exactly what Operation Christmas Shoe Box is all about!


Becoming a bit better by helping others, in small and large ways.  This is a wonderful activity we can do our self, with our family, our extended family, co-workers, neighbors and friends. 

It’s a very worthy cause that my handsome hubby Stan and I participate in and tell you about our project THIS year HERE at my YOUTUBE Channel.  Look for the video Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box


If you wonder if this little act of kindness or service could make a difference, here’s a very short video about a girl named Rosi who benefited from one of these Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes that I mention in my YouTube video.  You can see it by clicking HERE  

Being involved in this great project is SO easy to do.  

Visit the Operation Christmas Shoe Box site HERE  for all the details including  – 

1- To get a shoe-sized box

2- Decide whether you are packing a box for a boy or a girl and the age category of: 2-4, 5-9 or 10-14

3- You’ll choose a medium to large WOW item from the selection, then fill with other fun toys, hygiene items and school supplies

4- To deliver you can: 

a)   Donate $9 online and receive a label to follow your box and discover the destination of your shoe box

b)  Find a drop-off and take your shoe box to the closest location during the NATIONAL COLLECTION WEEK of November 18-25, 2019


For your convenience if you would like to order from the awesome Dollar Tree to fill many boxes, or just one, THIS IS MY LINK if you would like to use it to click through and shop.  Of course, the most important thing, is to simply fill a box or more:) 

Let me know if you participate and how the experience went for you or your family please.  I’d love to hear from you anytime, carrie@amothersshadow.com


Copyright Carrie Groneman, 2019

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