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Old Fashioned Game of Kick The Can


Get out and play a game of Kick The Can

Do you ever just want to kick something and get away with it?  Well, you CAN! Come play Old Fashioned Game of Kick The Can
This game goes way back and is a favorite for all ages to play. 
Leave the technology gaming inside and get everyone outside for this fun variation of Hide And Seek.  Kick The Can has been played for generations.
It’s a favorite because it’s a game of skill, stealthiness, some luck and all-around entertaining. 
Get everyone out and play in the day OR night, it’s all GREAT!

Kick The can

How to play Kick The Can

To Prepare:
1- You need a bucket or can, one that is able to take a good kicking

2- There needs to be at least 3 kids, the more the better.

3- Designate a ‘JAIL’ area within site of the can.

To Start:
1- An ‘It’ is chosen by counting off, or another method.

2- ‘It’ covers his/her eyes and counts OUT LOUD giving enough time for all players to hide.  For children it won’t take as much time as for teens and adults.

3- While the counting is going on the players hide.

4- When the counting STOPS the players try to make their way in and KICK THE CAN without being tagged.  If tagged they are sent to ‘JAIL’

5- If another player KICKS THE CAN all players in JAIL are set free.

6- The game continues until all the players are captured.
A  new ‘IT’ is chosen and the game continues as long as players want to keep it going. 
GREAT for kids, teens and adults!


Kick The can

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