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November Kindness Of The Month – YOU!

How to easily serve others and show kindness

Card to write a note of thank you and gratitude

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How to easily serve others and show kindness

Card to write a note of thank you and gratitude

I am so glad you stopped by to see what this post has to offer. 

With our incredibly busy life, it’s sometimes difficult to think of doing ‘one-more-thing’.   

However; I can promise you, from my own experience of a tremendously flurry of hectic schedules, sometimes chaos of clutter I never get through,  check lists I’m continually trying to catch up on (I was born premature, probably because I was in a hurry to get started, and I’m sure I’ll be begging for extra when my ‘time’ comes to finish up whatever project I’m in the middle of, lol), but I assure you, THIS is worth stopping for, and DOING each month.



Having JOY and HAPPINESS in our life doesn’t mean we put on a fake smile constantly, though sometimes, it does require that we occasionally do just that.  

It does mean, that as we reach out

1- See others needs

2- Find ways to lift someones burden, lighten their load when theirs is too heavy to carry, cry with them when their trial is overwhelming

3- Do SOMETHING because we love, we want to serve and we are KIND.



Our own trials, worries and difficulties will not disappear and be taken away as we are KIND, spend time and a few resources on another person.  Yet, I assure you –

  • Your attitude will naturally turn to optimism
  • JOY and HAPPINESS will become your companion
  • PEACE, CALM and incredibly outpouring love from God will flow to you
  • And FROM you because of the KINDNESS you extend. 
  • What better use of your time could there be?!   

Let’s get started on this EASY way to be KIND.


November Kindness Of The Month – YOU can Make ALL the Difference

This  JOY BUCKET series offers Kindness of the Month -YOU and here is the idea for November!



  • Kindness is contagious and increases our own happiness.
  • It makes us a better person as we encourage, inspire and lift someone else.
  • As we have the courage to be kind, especially when others disappoint, or frustrate, it allows for growth and change to happen.
  • As we practice being kind to others, we are naturally more kind to our self, giving more allowance to be happy and joyful!



  • EVERY DAY start your morning with prayer and ask God WHO needs you and how that day.  Then ACT, do not ignore an impression or idea that is good or helpful to another.
  • LOOK for opportunities to be just plain NICE!



How to easily serve others and show kindness

Card to write a note of thank you and gratitude


This is a really simple, but important KINDNESS.

We are going to write a THANK YOU CARD!

You know, to tell someone thanks for___________.  There are a billion reasons to say how grateful we are for a kindness and it’s never too late to express it!

Sometimes we may not always know what to say, or wonder where to start; so let’s get the how’s, why’s

Service opportunities and kindness


It’s So Simple!


Download this card that you can proudly give to anyone and I challenge you to send at least ONE within a week.  (border only for details here)












  • Anyone of course!
  • Someone who helped you out
  • Anyone who could use cheering up
  • The mail carrier
  • A friend you haven’t seen in years
  • A neighbor who took in your garbage can for you
  • Someone who brought in a meal
  • Someone who shared a treat at work
  • Think of someone who made a difference in your life for good
  • Anyone who did anything positive!



  • Make sure you have the spelling correct of the names.  It’s so easy with social media to look it up.  Call your mom or grandparents if you can’t find it. Also, use the proper title when appropriate such as –
  1. Hi Uncle______
  2. Hello Aunt______
  3. Dear Grandma______
  4. Etc.  It’s really nice to have some recognition, and a little formality in its proper place. 



Phrases like these are perfect, to make sure the person KNOWS you are expressing gratitude or thanking them in this note; that’s the point, right:) 

  • You really made my day when….
  • I want to say how much I appreciate…..
  • Thank you for…….
  • It meant so much to me……



  • Let the person know you miss them
  • Tell them what an inspiration they have been to you
  • Tell them what a difference _____ has made (for good here) in your life
  • Thank them for the time they took to teach you in school, to cook, to learn to change the oil in your car, to fix the chain on your bike, in a 4-H club or other youth organization, in girl or boy scouts, whatever.  Time is precious and that they gave it up for you is a treasure.
  • If they gave you a gift, let them know how you will use it
  • If you stayed with them, be sure to thank them for their hospitality 
  • Thank someone for listening to you, taking time from their day to be with you, for being a friend
  • This list could go on for pages, but this is a springboard to hopefully get you thinking



These closings are generally acceptable in most situations –

  • Sincerely 
  • Many thanks 
  • Kind Regards
  • Friends

Others to consider as appropriate –

  • Yours truly
  • Warmly
  • Love
  • Affectionately 
  • Friends Forever
How to easily serve others and show kindness

Card to write a note of thank you and gratitude

I hope you will send many THANK YOU notes this  month and feel the happiness and JOY flow back to you.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Plato

“You can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” unknown

10 Freebie & Awesome Ways To Be Kind:

  1. Hold open a door for someone coming behind you, or hurry a little faster to open it for the one ahead of you. Or help lift a stroller down steps, hold an elevator door, you get the idea.
  2. Take a grocery cart back for a parent with kids at the store, or an elderly person, or one who just seems to ‘need it’. OR let someone in front of you (if you are next in line) at the store.
  3.  If you know someone is having a difficult time, ask how they are doing, tell them you are thinking of them, something so they know they are not alone even.
  4. Compliment a stranger, make it sincere, you can always see/find something good to say.
  5. If gossip begins be the person who says something nice about them and change the conversation. Wouldn’t you want that to happen if you were the one being talked about?
  6. Be open-hearted, meaning give someone the benefit of the doubt.
  7. Smile and greet people, even strangers, happily; it will make their day better.
  8. Let a car merge in front of you, and do not get mad today in traffic.
  9. Keep your voice calm, happy and do not get impatient.
  10. Help with chores or something at home that is not expected.

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2017

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today

Watch for next month’s KINDNESS OF THE MONTH – YOU make ALL the Difference along with many other great finds in the   JOY BUCKET!

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