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New Years Resolutions – Eat in Two’s for Balance


Stay Balanced

It’s that time again when we all jump on the band wagon of making New Year’s resolutions and I think that is a fine thing. HOWEVER, let’s be careful to take it in moderation, and set ourselves up for success and not failure.
I have a little story about a dog and why I think we must eat treats in two’s to illustrate my point – as well as goal setting, just come read it and you’ll see…

A few years back Stan and I thought we were going to move, though we really love our neighborhood, but our house is not a very good layout for our growing clan. Squishing everyone in has become quite the feat sometimes.
So, the arduous and painstaking quest began. We looked and looked and looked. At one house, some of the neighbors came out to meet us. They were very nice and chatted; in fact, based solely on the neighbors we would have purchased the house! As we visited a dog came strolling by. It had a strange sort of lump on just one side of its neck. I peered down at the poor animal, wondering what in the world it was suffering from. As I stared, I hoped it wasn’t causing the dog much pain, or even worse contagious. I didn’t appear to have any open sores, or seem to have stitches or anything of that nature. I asked the lady talking to me if the dog was alright.
She chuckled a little and said yes, it was her pet, and that she had in fact recently taken it to her veterinarian for a thorough check up. The result: A fat blob.
A What?! A fat blob?
Yes, a fat blob had formed on just one side of the doggies neck leaving it a bit unbalanced as it shuffled along.
The moral of my story to this point is…..you MUST eat treats in two’s. One for each side so you are never unbalanced. 

You know – where ever yours settles it would be terrible if you had to walk like you had an extra 5-10 pounds on just ONE side now wouldn’t it!
My theory is, if you’re going to eat a tootsie roll, you must eat two –  one for each hip, one for each side of the behind, – you get my point, heehee.
What does this have to do with New Years Resolution? Well, for me it’s all a matter of balance. I tend to over plan, over think, over commit, over schedule, over……
To put it this way, I was born two months early I was in such a hurry to get here. Recently we were at a funeral of a dear uncle when two of my boys were teasing with me about what my funeral would be like.

We were all laughing, but it’s so true.
SO,  MY new years resolutions are:
       1-    Have SET work hours – oh my handsome hubby will be cheering and happy so I’m DONE at the computer to spend time with him at nights
                       Which means….I will only post 3ish times a week
      2-  I am finishing the second and possibly third sequel to my novel. Did you read that Tasha? She’s my angel that keeps me in check here.
Family time, scripture reading, church, exercising, of course are critical and daily components, but those TWO  are the balance that come in play here at AMS so that I don’t topple over this year or get sideways. You wouldn’t want that now would you? lol.
What are your goals?
Can you set TWO?  Find a balance and then add more as time goes on if ya really want to. It’s easy to be overwhelmed, but life is good, rich and meant to be enjoyed and happy. Let’s not add burden and stress where do not have to. So as we pick  two things that we want to accomplish to go with the critical things we must do daily, we can achieve our dreams together this year!!!

I hope you will continue to visit me, enjoy and let me know what you would like to learn, be inspired about and encouraged in as your year goes on.
Thank you for all your kindness and support of 2015 and looking so forward to 2016. Carrie
Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2016
Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.
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