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Neverland Theme Party

Neverland Theme Party

My son Devin and his lovely wife, my daughter-in-law Ashley, created a very whimsical  birthday party for their oldest son, my grandson. Working with family they made the party imaginative and extraordinary.

 Ashley sent out themed invitations inviting all who would like to dress according to the theme if they desired.

 To begin, there were signs giving direction. How fun is this!Neverland Theme Party 1

Neverland Theme Party 2Ashley’s mom Cindy provided the costume pieces for the kids. The girls could choose their favorite color of tutu (Cindy made these), wings and magic wand. The boys could choose a pirate hat and sword or Indian hat and axe.Neverland Theme Party 3

The trampoline had a sign:  I Can Fly, I Can Fly, I Can Fly. There were fun stations for the kids, such as ‘Walk The Plank’. Notice the stuffed alligator, pretty fun. The pool was filled with small balls instead of water.Neverland Theme Party 4Another was this fairy garden with all kinds of miniatures to entertain the little onesNeverland Theme Party 5Stan made the tents for the Indians to camp in – and everyone else tooNeverland Theme Party 6

A digging pit held all kinds of treasure. The birthday boy led the way as Peter Pan wouldNeverland Theme Party 7Devin and Ashley’s father Bret worked very hard on this boat made out of heavy cardboard boxes. Any pirate would be proud to sail the high seas for adventures in this study vessel.Neverland Theme Party 8

Neverland Theme Party 9Here is the back of the ship  and the doors to go in. Notice the detail of the spiderNeverland Theme Party 10

Neverland Theme Party 11

Dressing up for the occasion:  Ashley as a mermaid and her little girl, my granddaughter, as TinkerbellNeverland Theme Party 12

Devin with his little TinkerbellNeverland Theme Party 13

My daughter-in-law Tawni dressed up in a pirate costume I made for a girls choice dance a few years back and her little girl, another granddaughter, as a baby mermaidNeverland Theme Party 14Ashley’s sister Jodee dressed up as Tiger Lilly and her daughter was PocahontasNeverland Theme Party 15Delsi wore a costume I made for her for a girls choice dance a few years back.Neverland Theme Party 16

I helped a little bit with the food which was befitting fairies, pirates, mermaids and all visitors to Never Land. Ashley and Cindy did a fabulous job making the food theme oriented.

Sea Water (blue punch), Pirate Jewels (mixed fruit), Cannon Balls (black olives), Desert Island Veggies (vegetables), Mr. Smees Sea Dip (dip) and Fish ‘n Chips (gold fish and chips combined)Neverland Theme Party 17Shipwreck sandwiches (crescents filled with chicken salad), Dead Man’s Fingers (mini bbq wieners),  Golden Nuggets (chicken nuggets) & Peg Legs (corn dogs)Neverland Theme Party 18Pirate Ships (blue raspberry jello with orange wedges and cupcakes both with pirate flags)Neverland Theme Party 19Water was readily available.

A game involving a toy hand hook to see how many Gold Rings (Funyuns chips) could be hooked. Neverland Theme Party 20

It was a wonderful and memorable party!

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014
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