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Carrie's Cooking for Keeps

There are so many cookbooks on the market today, but this one is different. It offers much for the beginner to the experienced cook as is it takes you from the first step into the kitchen through successful delicious food on the table.

  • Have you recently moved out and don’t know how to use the stove or oven?
  • Have you found yourself with more spices than the local grocery store and don’t know where to begin using them?
  • Does the smoke alarm signal when dinner is done, but your family only eats your food because they like you?
  • Tired of wasting hard earned money and precious time on recipes that are barely edible?

A Mother's Shadow

A wonderfully written book set in early 1800's new territory USA. The story follows a young woman as she learns about life, family, relationships, love and spirituality while experiencing joy, enduring trials and overcoming hardships. A Mother's Shadow is a unique self-help, improvement and development book; as we in our lives, still face the same moral, ethical and life challenges as those who came before. You will learn, laugh, cry have deeper happiness and become better for the experience.

  • Did you know there are valuable lessons from the past to benefit our lives today?
  • How can God help us, how do we communicate with Him, and how can we endure difficult trials?
  • Why is being self-reliant, learning life-skills and developing talents so important?
  • Have you wondered how to build a stronger marriage and healthy relationships with your family?