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Mirror Make Over

Mirror Make Over

My daughter-n-law Ashley is redoing her mantle in their home. Today we get to see how she painted a mirror frame to match her color palette.      This is a fabulous technique for re-purposing an old frame or to make a new frame go with your color scheme.      Thanks Ashley for taking us along to see how to inexpensively change up any room.

Mirror Re-Purpose or Make Over



Frogger Tape works best. Ashley tried the blue kind shown here, but much prefers Green Frog Tape.


Spray paint: Ashley prefers Valspar or Krylon brands 

Several tacks with raised head


Begin with any frame you like the shape of: plastic, wood or metalMirror Make Over 1Tape newspaper onto mirror, using care to get the paper and tape into the corners. Tuck the newspaper into the edges and attach tape right to the edge.Mirror Make Over 3Ashley’s Handy trick: Push tacks along the length, every 3-5 inches. This allows the frame to balance on the tack head in a raised position, allowing paint to cover all edges of the frame. Painted area will not stick to the surface it is drying.Clock Makover 2 Lay the frame on a protected area, outside for ventilation.Mirror Make Over 4See how tricky this works! It allows for perfect coverage and no messed up edges.Mirror Make Over 5Using a paint with primer included makes for a nice coverage.Mirror Make Over 6Spray a light coat 8″ away from frame in every direction to cover all details. Do not spray too close or too heavy a coat. Lighter and many coats is best.Mirror Make Over 7 First use the prime color over the entire frame over the edges and corners, getting underneath slightly for a professional look. Mirror Make Over 6

Mirror Make Over 7To create an ombre design. Begin with a heavy spray using a second color at one side of the frame and lightly spray towards the other sideMirror Make Over 8This is what happens when the tape does not stay down into the edge – use GOOD tape such as green Frog.Mirror Make Over 9Voila!Mirror Make Over 10Set beside the beautiful re-purposed jars and vases, click HERE for the tutorialJar Re-purposingCopyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

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  • Diane Roark says:

    You did a great job on this mirror. I have a few mirrors I could try to paint.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Diane Roark

  • Connie Rasmussen says:

    Now is that cleaver or what ! Ashley is one talented kidlet. She has done other things for your posts. What a great daughter in law you have there !

  • Great job! I’ve got a mirror I’ve been putting off painting for years because I’m afraid how it will turn out. The push pin idea is brilliant! Thanks for sharing via Family Fun Friday.

  • She did a great job. I would have given up at step 2 – I am not crafty at all! Thanks so much for sharing with the Let’s Get Real party. We hope you’ll join us again this week.

  • I’ve got a mirror just waiting for me to make her pretty! Love this technique and thanks for the tips!
    I would love for you to share your creativity at my Show-Licious Craft & Recipe Party! Join us each Saturday morning at 8:00 am EST!
    ~ Ashley

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