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Mending 101 – How to Thread a Needle

Thread a Needle

How to Thread a Needle

Tutorial on how to thread a needle. The first step to any sewing project.

 Choose a needle appropriate for the project you are doing. A long skinny needle for sewing of light fabrics through a few layers. A short, thicker needle for heavy duty sewing, such as denim.Also, when choosing a needle, make sure the thread you are using will fit through the eye (hole at top) of the needle. If doing a project that requires a secure stitch, such as sewing on a button, double the thread. If the mending is light, such as repairing a loose hem, use a single thread.To make a knot at the end of the thread, wrap the thread around your finger…And being to slide the thread towards the tip of your fingernail as the thread rolls off your finger tip….Then with your fingernail, or the tip of your finger, pull, while the thread continues to roll…..

Then bring it to a ball, or knot at the end. Simple!

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