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Lets Talk About This!

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In the end, what really does matter?


One afternoon I was watching my two oldest grandsons; we played and had a great time together.

Late in the afternoon my son Derek came to pick up his boy. We visited for a bit, then he called to his son that is was time to leave.

My other grandson did not want his cousin to go and started hanging on one arm of the boy, while Derek was pulling on his sons other arm. They were basically in a tug-of-war with the younger of the two boys in the middle.

Derek finally just picked up his boy and said they really had to go. My other grandson ran after him calling his cousins name and saying repeatedly, ‘Wait, let’s talk about this!’ Of course his cousin had no choice in the matter and it was quite comical for my grandson, to even be trying to reason his point with a force much larger than himself.

I attended a funeral recently of an elderly neighbor, which caused me to ponder my own choices and life. I believe that we all live beyond this life and what we do, and how we act, weighs heavily on our level of happiness after we die. We all know we cannot take physical objects with us, but we do take our relationships, in my opinion.

Consider for a moment that if we were all the same after we die; the accolades and status were not important, only our thoughts, the sincere desires of our heart, and if/how we overcame our own unique human weaknesses made the difference, how would we live?

If we could not reason our way into, or out of, righteous judgment, such as my grandson was trying to have his way with ‘Let’s Talk About This’, would we adjust our priorities?

My blogs name is A Mother’s Shadow. Have you ever wondered why I chose that as the title for my header?

Consider a shadow for a moment.

My belief is that no one will not be able to justify, or make excuses, for bad behavior any more than my grandson was able to stop his cousin from leaving him.

The good news is that we can make changes, we can improve.

I marvel at the good, I see and hear, of so many wonderful people. I applaud YOU for the countless ways you sacrifice for your family, and those in need – even a simple smile and a kind word. Though they seem small, these are the very acts that resonate to help others change, and that speak for good for generations to come.

I appreciate how you have changed me for the better, by your comments and that you would take a moment of your busy day to pay me a little visit. Thank You and realize the good we do, the positive changes we make – do count.

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Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.