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Learn To Sew this Easy Bag Holder

Bag Holder

Homemade plastic bag holder

 This handy bag holder is one of the most practical, inexpensive and appreciated gifts you can give for a bridal shower, graduation or birthday gift; really for any occasion and to have in your home of course.  I have very easy and simple to follow tutorial for the novice sewer.   

Useful Easy DIY Plastic Bag Holder

Sturdy cotton or cotton blend fabric:
22″ long and 9 1/2″ wide
1″ wide ribbon, 9″ length
1/2″ wide elastic, 12″ length
2 small safety pins
Matching thread  
Cut the fabric to 22″ long and 9 1/2″ wide (can be adapted to your specifications)

Cut the fabric if there are any folds, such as at one end of the fabric piece.

 Zigzag or finish all edges with a serger

As shown, but do NOT sew any end seams together

Leave ends open, one will be for the loop to hang and one will for the elastic Turn inside out and turn sideways (for better words and press seam open)

 Turn right side and press neatly.

 Cut 1/4″ ribbon 9″ long

Loop the ribbon and slide inside one end of the sleeve or bag with the ends crossed. Stitch across at 5/8″. Double stitch and back stitch over ribbon.

 Cut 1/2″ elastic 12″ long. Attach a safety pin to each end

 At the other end of the sleeve, or bag, fold down 5/8″ and press

Press the entire ‘sleeve’.

Sew the seam right against the edge of the fabric LEAVING AN OPENING OF 1  1/2″.

Back stitching at the edges of the opening to create a knot. 

Feed the elastic through the seam, not allowing the second safety pin to go through also.

 Take off the pins and sew the elastic ends together, using care they are not twisted but facing the same way.

 Tuck the elastic ends into the seam.

 And sew the fabric over to close up the seam.

 Turn inside out and pull out the ribbon loop. Pull corners out using the end of a pencil or being very careful  with a seam ripper.

Press again and put in a bag to let those you are gift this to know exactly what the purpose of this wonderful  recycle bag is for!

Hang and use!

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