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Indian head band made from paper and feathers

Indian Head Dress

Kids Craft Indian Head Band or Native American Head Dress as it is also called is the perfect craft to teach the kids about those who lived here when the pilgrims arrived.

You could teach your family about Squanto a very courageous Native American who was very important in helping the Pilgrims click HERE that gives the story, and a link HERE for a Family Time-Family Home Evening Lesson (FHE) about him.



Kids Craft Indian Head Band or Native American Head Dress


Brown Butcher Paper and always lots of uses for this handy paper too
Ruler & yard stick
Long colorful Feathers
Markers or crayons
Glue guns are always useful/Glue Dots are awesome around young children
Patterned paper to cut circles, optional

American Indian download of language symbols

You will find the American Indian Symbols in the free downloads in the library



Measure butcher paper with ruler.

Make small marks at intervals across the paper, then mark with yard stick all the way across. 

Indian Head Dress 1

Kids Craft Indian Head Band

 Cut the strip of paper.

Indian Head Dress

Kids Craft Indian Head Band

*I cut the following measurements to have for toddlers and up through most sizes to fit the older children.
Have extra on hand so if one is ripped or a child feels they made a mistake, the headband is easily replaced and only fun for the memory.
1  1/2″ 
1  3/4″  
AND   2″ 
2   1/2″  

Indian Head Dress

Kids Craft Indian Head Band

These should fit any kid  

However, you can have the paper on hand to hurry and cut to size if needed.

Indian Head Dress 5

Kids Craft Indian Head Band

Here are the supplies laid so you can see what I used.

With the colored paper I cut circles with a circle cutter, or you can trace anything round that you have around the house.

These circles will be used for decorating the headband as you will see in the finished head band below.

Using the printables with the American Indian symbols, they can make their own story on their head dress.


Get the free printables here as you JOIN


head dress how to

Kids Craft Indian Head Band

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