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joker   It’s April Fool’s Day! I found a wonderfully clever prank orchestrated by a BBC Broadcaster in 1957 involving a spaghetti harvest.  I also have fun foods and good natured jokes to play. Come take a look! Do you wonder at the history? It seems that the origins of April Fools and it’s tradition of pranks and practical jokes cannot be traced with surety, but it seems the traditions of mischief making dates back to Ancient Roman times. The Romans and Celts were known to have a festival designated for the playing of practical jokes. Tons of fun this day can be! I happened on this brilliant prank executed by a well regarded and distinguished broadcaster, Richard Dimbleby in 1957. Mr Dimbleby explains how each year the end of March is a very anxious time for Spaghetti harvesters all over Europe, as severe frost can impair the flavor of the spaghetti. He also explains how each strand of spaghetti always grows to the same length thanks to years of hard work by generations of growers. This ‘report’ features a family harvesting their annual spaghetti harvest in Ticino, Switzerland. Women are carefully picking strands of spaghetti off the trees and laying them to dry in the sun. Mr. Dimbleby explains in his news segment, that because a severe frost can damage the flavor of the spaghetti, the end of March is a very anxious time for harvesters all over Europe. Today, we would immediately recognize it as a spoof; however, in the United Kingdom at that time, spaghetti was not commonly eaten and was considered an exotic delicacy. ENJOY a good natured, and very clever prank

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