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How Well Do YOU Play Jenga?


How Well Do You Play Jenga

  Have you ever played the game Jenga? It’s a game involving small pieces of wood, which are stacked to make a tower. Then each player takes a turn removing a piece of wood, one at a time, hoping not to be the one to topple the entire stack. Consider how Jenga is an illustration for our life. Are we building to make a strong sturdy tower, or creating holes and gaps which threaten to collapse our pillar at any given time. Come read how our abilities and skills, so beautifully can be used to fortify not only our own pillar, but others also.

Our life is very much like these pieces of wood. We have talents and skills; diverse from others, yet appropriate and adequate for us. Do we ignore them because they are not what we see as important?

For example:  If our ability is not to sing and dance well, but we have a adeptness in searching for ways to make others comfortable, do we regard that as inconsequential simply because we cannot ‘show it off’…hhmm.

If we are a good listener or simply just tirelessly try to be kind and nice to others, do we realize what a tremendous skill that is?

If we will search out our gifts, embrace them, build on them and appreciate them, THEN we become stronger. Consequently our family and others are all the better. because we contribute more as a human being.

Our tower grows strong and sturdy.There are those days when we are just annoyed at anyone and everyone; just because. 

Other times when we have good reason, to our way of thinking, to be offended, hurt or angry.

There are circumstances that try our very soul to forgive a wrong done to us.

It is under these conditions that our tower gains it greatest strength if we choose to brush it off, leave it be, let it go, walk away, forgive.

That does not mean be a push-over. Calm, loving, direct discussion is extremely useful and productive when needed.

You will find though, that most of the time, irritations and provocations will dissipate like the dew on the grass when the sun rises high in the sky and warms the earth if you choose to ‘turn the other cheek’.  

 Asking forgiveness for a harsh word, a misunderstanding, anything that may cause bad feelings is truly the mark of a great person and sets the foundation against many destructive forces.

We ALL say and do things, I dare say daily, that are not in line with what our conscience would in all honesty be comfortable with.

It is so tempting to push it off onto the other person involved and excuse our behavior; however, if we truly want to become the very best person possible, leaving a shadow of love and trust for others to follow, this is the most vital step.

Asking forgiveness of a wrong done recently or years ago is never easy. Yet the relief and peace that comes is well worth the discomfort of the moment.

Letting go of prejudices and fear, while maintaining values and morals will fortify and brace your tower.Now that our tower is built, if we give into gossiping which means to talk about another person in ANY manner to affect their reputation in a derogatory manner, whether it’s public or private; if it’s not our affair, it’s not ours to talk about.

I saw an old needlepoint done in the 1800’s that read:  Mind Thine Own Business. 

Passing on information that is true, that happened, involves you, yet shines a dis-favorable light on another and is not beneficial knowledge to the other person, IS gossip.In my opinion, when we are vulgar, mean to others, violent, cruel or selfish in any shape or form, we begin the toppling of the stack.

When tearing others down, inevitably we fall too – it is a simple fact.

Please take a close look at this tower or stack. 

WHY?Because that is exactly how we are!

We are not perfect, however, we can LEARN how to be a bit better every day.

Then we  PRACTICE, not get discouraged and never give up.

As we BECOME a person full of joy, peace and love, to leave a trustworthy path for others to follow.

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2015

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