How To Be More Content AND Beautiful

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Are you content with who you are?  Do you feel beautiful and attractive?  Are you comfortable in your life?

Uncontrollably, I leaned forward to watch her.

Though she was a stranger, I grew dizzy from the emotions that ranged from anger to self pity.

A small realization of what I had self-impose upon myself swarmed like a hive of bees and threatened to smother me.  

I forced myself to sit back, close my eyes and breath deep.  

Why can she be so carefree and vivacious as a child in the pool? Enjoying, laughing, untroubled by her bathing suit size, nor apparently anything at all?  



Do I always let these moments, that could be joyous pass me by?

Do you ever allow what others think, or what society dictates, or even your imagined ‘dream size’ – determine what your day will be like?

Has any of these happened to you:

a) felt you weren’t the ‘right size’ and become embarrassed of your body?

b) someone else has told you that you don’t fit the ‘beautiful’ and ‘gorgeous’ stereotype?

c) compared your talents or abilities as not as ‘good’  as someone else’s?

d) stayed away from social situations because of how you felt about yourself physically?

e) held others back from enjoying life because of your own insecurities?


If any of these rang true for you, then you and I can relate, and I’ll finish my story.

FIRST, I’ll begin with sharing something personal about me.

I’ve never been really comfortable with someone saying I was pretty, or not pretty.  

Skinny or not skinny.  

It’s like my body is part of me, but I’m still working to ‘love’ it and ‘own’ it.  

Maybe you can relate?

The media doesn’t help at all with this, don’t you agree?

Being attractive shifts from

  • being curvy and motherly
  • to an hourglass shape
  • to straight as a stick
  • to an amazon body with tiny waist
  • to almost the impossible and needing plastic surgery to achieve it
  • to the current ‘healthy but skinny look of curvy yet thin at the same time’.  
  • You can check out these ‘so-called-attractive fashions HERE  

Why do we ever let others tell us WHAT we should look like and WHAT would make us happy if we did look like that anyway?

Reality is that we KNOW we are supposed to be different!

We are born unique and yet WHY don’t we embrace that?

To my story:

Stan and I were on a company trip; and one day at the pool.  

As usual, I was covered up, pretty much from head to toe to keep my glow-in-the dark legs from attracting too much attention, as well as my bulging baby fat from my then teenager; who wasn’t a baby anymore.  It’s always been a challenge to keep the weight off, and I let it hinder me in ways that it shouldn’t. 

I noticed a woman in the pool who was with her husband and thoroughly enjoying herself; meaning he was able to enjoy his time at the pool too. Not so much my poor sweetie who sat with his wife who just wanted her to love herself.

This woman in the pool was a larger lady. It was obvious this didn’t bother her in the least that she didn’t fit someones ‘perfect’ mold.  Ooohh, I wanted to be like her!!!!

Her attitude was amazing.  I’ve known few women with such confidence.

That day, that moment, has been with me all of these years as a teaching too. I’ve wondered, what really DOES make us beautiful?  

Is it the size?  Seriously, when we die will others remember us for our measurement?  Geez, how shallow is that! NO!!!

It is what is within, that shines without.  That is what that woman was glowing with.

Her beauty of what kind of person she IS, and that’s where the confidence and attraction came from. 

I have tried ever since that day to be more in tune with what God wants me to Learn, and Practice, so I can Become more like Him to radiate that confidence in my countenance.  

That is what I can share and leave, is goodness, kindness, good works and love.  

What about you?  What are your worthy goals?

I wrote a declaration, if you will since I don’t know what else to call it, of what TRUE BEAUTY is and what it embraces.  

I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.

You can download it HERE

Friends, Carrie

Copyright, Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2017

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

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