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Guiltless Pizza

Guiltless Full Flavor Pizza

Pizza without the guilt, but all the flavor

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Guiltless Full Flavor Pizza

Pizza without the guilt, but all the flavor

I love a good piece of pizza BUT I do not like all the extra calories I have to work off.

So to the rescue is this pizza and it is sssooooo GOOD! So often the ‘low fat’ versions are – well – kinda icky.  But not this pizza.

Really, you can trust me on this one.  It’s not only low in fat, less calories, it’s figure friendly too, and best of all……dum, dum, dum….it actually fills you up!

Give it a try tonight.  Oh, and by the way, this skinny version pizza that’s packed full of flavor, is so quick and easy, you will make it often – I do!

Guiltless Full Flavor Pizza


Pita Bread, whole wheat or white

Your favorite pizza sauce

1 slice smoked provolone cheese per pizza or string cheese (the string cheese does NOT melt as well and was the same points in WW as the slice of smoked provolone,- I preferred the provolone)

Portabella mushrooms and 3-4 shallots; see instructions below


Roasted Red Bell Pepper, bottled or click HERE for a recipe to easily roast your own peppers

Optional additional ingredients: 

sauteed onions, sliced olives, turkey pepperoni


Slice mushrooms into thick slices.Guiltless Pizza 2Heat 2 Tbl. butter flavored olive oil or butter (may need a bit more if too dry to saute) over med-high in a skillet.  Add in the mushrooms and diced shallots; cook until almost tender. Guiltless Pizza 3Then add in 2 tsp. sugar and 1-2 Tbl. balsamic vinegar, to your taste.  Cook until the mushrooms are cooked through and glazed.  Set aside to use on the pizza.Guiltless Pizza 4


Heat oven to 375 degrees.

Place a pita bread on baking sheet. 

Spread pizza sauce evenly over the pita.

Break up cheese slice to cover sauce.

Lay spinach leaves to cover the pizza well.Guiltless Pizza 5Spoon mushrooms over the pizza. 

Top with sliced roasted red bell pepper.Guiltless Pizza 6Bake for 8-12 minutes, just until cheese is melted and ingredients are heated through.Guiltless Pizza 7

Adapted slightly from Weight Watchers, Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2015

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

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  1. I am truly a pizza lover and am always trying new homemade variations for dinner here. So will definitely be trying yours very soon here. Thanks so much Carrie 😉

  2. Diane Roark says:


    We have pizza every Friday night usually. I am constantly trying new crust to help lower the calories. I will have to try pita bread I have not thought of trying it.
    Thanks so much for this great idea.
    Many blessings,
    Diane Roark

  3. Hi Carrie – This looks so good! The glazed mushrooms and shallots sound like a real winner. My husband and I love veggies on our pizza, so I will be giving this a try.

  4. Beautiful, Carrie, and so much healthier! Thank you!

  5. I’m with you on loving pizza but not loving the calories. This is a good idea! Pinned!

  6. I bet the smoked provolone is great! Thanks for sharing on Tasty Tuesdays.

  7. Amanda says:

    Love the pita crust idea! Fun for personalized pizzas too. Thanks for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop!

  8. OMG this is gonna be great for my friday night pizza nights!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

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