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Come on in and meet the Roarks! They are an amazing family, with a story that will fill your heart with hope and love.

Diane and Jerry were married 29 years ago – the sky was the limit to them.  However, it turned out that God had a slightly different plan for them that would include  some storm clouds, along with the beauty of a glorious rainbow.

Their children has been a tremendous blessing to them.  Some were biologically born to them and some came in a divinely guided manner; which has offered incredible challenges along the way.


Diane shares a bit of her life with us:

  •  Caleb, my special needs son, was born with a brain bleed. He has a shunt that keeps him alive, has had 17 emergency brain surgeries so far, has Cerebral Palsy and seizures. I keep trusting God  where Caleb’s health is concerned.
  • Jonah was adopted at age 7 1/2 and has many diagnoses: including RAD, depression, ADHD, and more.  I continually look to God to help us with his unique challenges.
  • Diana was adopted at age 4. She too has many diagnoses:  including RAD, depression, ADHD, and several learning difficulties. I trust God to help her, and us, with direction so she can thrive and be happy.
  • Casey will be 17 in August 2013. He has started driving. I definitely have to trust God daily with this one! (all parents of driving teens can relate)
  • Carly, my oldest daughter is attending medical school and plans to be a doctor one day. With her on her own,  I  trust God is protecting and watching over her.

Carly grad 2013 pic 34Jonah not pictured

Diane and Jerry knew they were meant to adopt these wonderful special needs children, however the abuse the two children had suffered was unimaginable, causing trust and love issues; which will take a life-time of work, and continual effort.  Despite the heavy burden it brings, they know they have been sent to them from God, and they are loved as deeply as the other children.

Combining their biological children, with seriously neglected children, has proven heart breaking at times, yet providently providing moments of heaven on earth, which keep the family moving forward in faith and promise.

As Jerry must travel a great deal for work, Diane bares a large portion for the raising of their children.  Her passion, besides her family is her amazing blog,  Recipes for Our Daily Bread (click HEREwww.recipesforourdailybread.com) which is uplifting, inspiring and offers very worthwhile content.

The Roarks, have heavy demands on their time and emotions, still find find time and energy to reach out to serve in their church, their community, and any who cross their path.

Their example of unconditional love, hope and joy, even in the depths of great sorrow with such special children in their care, is a guide and blessing to us all.

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

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  1. Daine Roark
    Daine Roark says:

    Thanks for sharing our story. I pray it helps others in some way to have FAITH and TRUST in God. We need to trust God even more when we are going through a struggle. I have learned that the struggles we face help mold us into the person that God wants us to be. We also have to depend on God more which will bring us closer to HIM. This is so hard to do during a difficult time.

    I tell my kids that I am (we all are) the person we are today because of the things we have been through, but what determines our future is how we handle everything. I pray for strength to Trust God more everyday.

    Thanks Carrie for your kind words!!!
    Blessings Always, Diane Roark


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