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DIY Father’s Day Card

Happy Fathers Day

Father's Day Card

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Happy Fathers Day

Father’s Day Card

This is a terrific Father’s Day Card and very unique!    My friend Dorthy made this tutorial and it will make your Father’s Day sentiment very appreciated.

Father’s Day Card


1 – 4” X 11” cardstock scissors or paper cutter

1 – 3 ¾” X 3 ½” printed paper* paper glue

1 – 3 ½” X 3 ¼” printed paper ruler

1 – 4” X 6” printed paper (for shirt)

Score Pal (opt)**

1 – Printed greeting 1 – 2” X 3 ½” paper (from scraps)  


Cut out all piecesFather's Day Card 1Fold cardstock in half (the fold will be at the top)

Glue on 3 ¾” X 3 ½” paper at the top of the card leaving an even edge on three sides

Glue on 3 ½” X 3 ¼” centering it over the other paperFather's Day Card 2Take 4” X 6” paper and fold down 1” on both long sidesFather's Day Card 3

Fold down ½” on one edge (toward the side with no folds) crease well. This is the top

Place fold side up and fold in the top in to meet in the middle with a diagonal fold (about 1 7/8” down) Father's Day Card 4

Father's Day Card 5             Bring bottom up and tuck under collar. Crease well and then unfold for the next step Father's Day Card 6

Father's Day Card 7

            Fold out bottoms at an angle starting from the center fold that you just made Father's Day Card 8

Father's Day Card 9             Fold the bottom up and tuck under the collarFather's Day Card 10Glue shirt on the card at an angleFather's Day Card 11

Make a tie and knot from scraps about 3/8” X 2”. Father's Day Card 12Glue both onto the shirtFather's Day Card 13

Father's Day Card 14

Print a greeting and cut to 1 ¾” X 3 ½” (I used Brando 26) Glue onto 2” X 3 ½” paperFather's Day Card 15Glue onto bottom of the card centering it. Easy peasy!Father's Day Card 16


Dorthy’s Notes: *I used Glasses, Staches & Ties paper pack by the Paper Studio (This is great for manly stuff!) This card has been “floating” around for lots of years. Kudos to whoever created it!!! **The Score Pal makes folding and creasing easy, but if you can’t beg borrow or steal one then you can do it the old fashioned way!

Copyright Carrie Groneman,  A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

Recognize a blessing and be a blessing today.

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  1. Jenny.U says:

    That is super cute Carrie! Pinning!

  2. Cards in the store these days are so expensive. What a great idea to make your own.
    Great step by step instructions too!

  3. Diane Roark says:


    This is beyond cute! It is the perfect Father’s Day card. I am going to show it to my youngest. I know she would love to make it. She had a ball making your flip flops.


    Diane Roark

  4. Very cute idea and going to see if my girls can try this for my husband this weekend for Father’s Day!! 🙂

  5. Heather says:

    I love this idea. My daughters class made something similar this year but I couldn’t figure out how they created it… thanks for the detailed instructions, we will be trying this next year. Such a sweet card.

  6. Super cute card! I love the shirt and the tie!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

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