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Family Time Series

By using Teach, Life Skills, a Word, combined with Wholesome Fun & Service each month, our family can have a richer, happier life and strengthen their kite strings. Learn more by watching the video FAMILY TIME, BUILDING A STRONGER FAMILY by clicking on the button below.

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The Kite Strings

 By engaging the entire length of Kite String regularly, family members can soar to their greater potential.


A Word can dramatically improve our life as we internalize a positive trait and attribute; making it core to our personality to change us for the better.


Family Time Lessons provide the resources to Teach our family correct principles and ethics in a natural and easy way.

Life Skills

Life Skills offer our family members the knowledge for independence, self-sufficiency and confidence.

Wholesome Fun & Serving

Wholesome Fun& Serving together are critical in building a solid family foundation. Real joy can be continual in our home as these are incorporated.

November 2019

(The 4 Areas of focus with post links are below this box) 

5 easy steps!

1- First download from the Printable Library the 2 printables under the Family Time Series HERE


2- One printable is the ‘Overview of the 4 Areas’, have it out as a resource during the month. 


3- The other printable is a chart sectioned into the 4 areas. Each area has  lines to write on. Use these lines to record experiences and thoughts about each area as you work on them.


4- As the month comes to an end, to win, send me an email telling me briefly what area you, or your family, worked on and what you did to complete it, or all of them.


5-  Also in the email, tell me just a little about the experience or feelings  you had as you accomplished fulfilling an area, or more of the areas.


***Now it’s time to be  entered into an awesome random drawing*** (prizes will vary, so watch for the announcements)


November – Gratitude & Grateful

Showing Gratitude and feeling Grateful are extremely important to incorporate into our personality as we work to become a little better. In this post you’ll find great information for discussion on this important WORD. Come read MORE


November – Squanto, A True Hero

A wonderful true story, particularly if you celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA. Regardless of where you live, Squanto’s story is one of courage, dignity and to know. His life shows how God’s hand is in the details of our life, as well as all His sons and daughters. His loving hand and watchful, caring eye is always guiding us as we do our best, even when there are trials and hardships. Don’t miss this unforgettable message HERE.

Life Skills

November – Easy Way For Family To Show Gratitude for Each Other

This activity gives the opportunity for each person to think about what they are grateful for, as well as express the traits and talents they are thankful for in each family member. Truly a chance to change the entire attitude and outlook of how individuals see each other. It’s all HERE

Fun & Serving

November – Ever Giving Gratitude Tree

This is one of the greatest ways to involve the entire family in service. How? Because they make the decision on WHO to service, HOW to show a kindness and then it happens as they feel involved and a part of the entire process. Come read more.

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