Family Time-Family Home Evening (FHE)

One day I asked my grown son to go the park with me to fly a kite.

There was very only a slight breeze as we put the kite together.

He ran and worked hard to get the kite up in the sky, then to soar high above us.

We watched as it danced and dipped, floating without a care.

I took out a secreted away pair of scissors, and cut the string….
What do you think happened?

Does a kite need a string to soar higher?


Does the string hold the kite back?

The video will answer this question!

Video Created By taniinbuzz


1Who is Family Time-Family Home Evening (FHE) for?
2What do I do, and where do I start?
The Lessons are laid out in a wonderfully guided step-by-step manner so you can choose what to do, allowing for you to easily adapt the lessons to your situation. Everything is here for you to be successful!
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