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Eyebrow Dyeing

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Tawni 1

Eyebrow Coloring

Do you have thin, fine or almost invisible eyebrows?  My friend Jenifer, who is a Master Esthetician, gives us the proper technique to dye your eyebrows!

Jenifer is back to give us very helpful information on dyeing your eyebrows.  Why would this be an option to consider?  My sister Jody has dark hair like I do, but her eyebrows have always been so light that when she was a kid mom would take an eyebrow pencil to her…. poor Jody, mom did the best she could.    My daughter-in-law Tawni has blond hair and very light eyebrows, so this was perfect for her.   I really was impressed that the gals did not look like they had painted on eyebrows.  Instead, they were so natural looking.
Jody 1

Here’s Jody after getting some brows.  Always lovely, but after the tinted brows she looks even more amazing!            Tawni has beautiful eyes and the tinted eyebrows brings out even more blue in her gorgeous eyes.Tawni 1

Information from Master Esthetician Jenifer Hoehne – 

Brow tinting is something, that if done correctly, can drastically enhance the appearance of your eyebrows. Tinting is a popular alternative to permanent make-up, but it does not last forever. It is also a common procedure to have done in the summertime when activities like swimming, make penciled in eyebrows difficult to maintain.

Like hair color, brow tinting is temporary, and the longevity of your tint depends of several factors: skin care products used to remove make-up, skin care products containing Retinol or Retinol derivatives, sun exposure, oiliness of the skin, and overall pH of the skin. Normally, tinting lasts between three and four weeks, but does fade like hair color.

Your brows should be tinted as close to your hair color as possible. If you have an ombre, or melted hair color, you should tint to match the color of your roots, or base color. Typically, a brow tint is accompanied by a brow wax to make the brows look clean and fresh.

When looking for a professional to tint your brows, you should always look for someone who is licensed and who practices proper sanitation and safety techniques.
I personally use a tint and developer specifically designed for brows and lashes, as it is less harsh than hair color that is sometimes used by hair stylists to tint eyebrows. I find the chemical and developer to be less harsh than actual hair color, and there is little to no skin reaction if the tint does come in contact with skin. I have seem instances where hair color is left on the brows too long and the skin around the brow is actually burned. Please make sure that whoever is tinting your brows is familiar with processing time and has done it before.

Like eyebrows, you can also tint your eyelashes to make them look like they are coated in mascara.

Here’s how Jen did the tinting:

First, she brushed the eyebrow in it’s natural place to see how it would lay and how to best dye the light colored hair.DSC_1879After mixing the proper color (NOT with hair dye) she brushed it on the eyebrowsDSC_1882After allowing the dye to set for a few minutes, she wiped off any excessDSC_1884

Jenifer has GREAT information on how to correctly shape and tweeze eyebrows.  To see it click HERE

 Thank you Jen for sharing your time and expertise with us.

Jenifer Hoehne, Master Esthetician
Hotlines Beauty Salon & Boutique
4655 S 1900 W, Suite 7
Roy, UT 84067
801-726-0488 (Cell)

Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

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  1. Janine Huldie
    Janine Huldie says:

    This is something I necessarily don’t have to worry about as I have naturally colored brown hair before dying and highlighting it and my eyebrows are a light brown to match my natural hair color, but I do know others, especially in Kevin’s family (being all Irish and fair) who could indeed use this, so thanks so much for sharing, Carrie 🙂


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