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Easy Easter Peep Pops

Peep Pops for Easter

Easy Easter Peep Pops

My friend Dorthy is sharing with us her simple, NO COOK Easter treat! 

These Easter Peep Pops On A Stick are great gifts for kids and teens to make for their friends, I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t love one of these. Simply string colorful Chick Peeps on skewers, put in a cellophane bag, tie and there you have a fabulous inexpensive treat for all ages to enjoy!

They come together to quickly, are a colorful sweet treat, can be made ahead, then delivered to friends, family, coworkers or best yet sent in the mail (see my post HERE [1] for fun tips on this),

Easy Easter Peep Pops


Packages of different colored Peep Chicks HERE [2]

Bamboo skewers HERE [3]

5 X 11 cellophane bags HERE [4]

Curling Ribbon for tying up bags HERE [5]

Plastic disposable tablecloth (opt but worth it) HERE [6]


Each package of peeps chicks has four chicks that have good ends.

When you separate the chicks it will leave white marshmallow edges.

Use the good edges for the top and the bottom of each pop and put the ones with white edges in the middle.

You will need to plan a little bit to make each one come out with two good ends and all five colors.

Separate the peeps from each other and place in groups of five (one of each color) making sure each group has two Peeps with good ends on the opposite side.

Line up all the peeps so that each POP will have BOTH ends of the POP has a peep with only one white sticky side; which will face inward.Slide the Peep chicks on to the bamboo skewer making sure the good edges show (not the white marshmallow edges) on the top and bottom.

Make sure the skewer doesn’t stick out past the last chick. After a few pops you will be able to gauge how far to push the chicks on.Line them up nicely like this!

Place the Peep Pop into the cellophane bag And tie with one ribbon.Tie remaining ribbons onto the first one.To add dimension and more interest, take a few of the ribbons and cut a slit with scissors. Pull the ribbon in half to the knot.See how fabulous!

Easy Easter Peep Pops

Make a basket of Peep Pops for a gift or treats to take home on Easter!

Thank you again Dorthy for sharing with us your creation and for spending time with me to make these and allow me to take pictures! You’re the BEST!

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