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Easy DIY Tutus For All Ages

Tu Tu and Hair Ornament

Tu Tu and Hair Ornament

Easy DIY Tutu’s & Hair Accessory
Ashley, my daughter-in-law, makes the most adorable tutu’s and matching headbands for my grandaughters.       I asked her if she would make a tutorial to share with all of us how she creates them; she was so kind to take the time for pictures and tutorial.  Thanks Ash!    
These very easy tutu’s can be for babies all the way up to older girls for dress up, or for young woman and ladies for costumes (or pets!), by simply adjusting the length of the tulle netting.

DIY Easy Tulle TuTu’s
25 yds of 3-4 4″ tulle netting
3/4″ – 5/8″ waistband elastic the circumference of the child’s waist (wider for larger gals)
Sewing machine or needle and thread
Optional:  Thick roll of paper towels
Optional:  another color tulle for bow
Headband Stretchy decorative elastic, enough to go around child’s head OR hair clip Tulle to make bow or skirt Sewing machine or needle and thread Hot Glue gun

Measure however long you want skirt to be to child, then double that for the length of  each tulle piece. 
Lay it flat on table and cut out individual pieces of tulle to that length. *I usually start by cutting half the roll

Measure waist for elastic.
Take both ends together and attach by sewing, to make it a circle
As shown here

TIP *Putting the elastic around a roll of paper towels to hold it in place, makes it easier to work with
Taking one piece of tulle, fold it in halfWith the folded end, loop it around  the elastic going inward, making a hole/loop with the bend Taking the loose ends, loop/pull them through the hole Pull loose ends
To the elasticBe sure not to pull too tightly or this will cause the elastic to not stretch as well.
Repeat until the entire length of the elastic is covered, making sure to push the looped tulle snug together to create a full tutu.
If desired, loop another color of tulle and tie a bow

If making a headband:  measure child’s head for stretchy more decorative elastic.
Sew the ends of the elastic together to form a circle.
Tie a bow with desired tulle Hot glue the bow onto the stretch elastic.For Bow on hair clip:  hot glue tulle bow to hair clip
Make a matching set!Thank you Ashley for your time to give us the directions for these adorable tutu’s.  Isn’t my granddaughter cute!You could also make matching barefoot sandals. 
Click HERE [1] for instructions  Copyright Carrie Groneman, A Mother’s Shadow, 2014

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